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Has anyone made the cbeebies Sarah and Duck hat?

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FreezerBird Thu 29-Oct-15 22:05:27

Pattern here:

I can't work out whether it's adult or child size, and I'm starting to go a bit cross-eyed comparing it to other patterns I've got to try and work it out.

Anyone made it? Or any more competent knitters than me (not hard) who can just glance at it and tell me what size you think it will come out? I'm knitting for a toddler.

PurpleFrog Thu 29-Oct-15 22:52:52

Child size I think. Ciircumference of brim unstretched will be about 42cm. So probably fit a head around 46 or 48cm.

FreezerBird Thu 29-Oct-15 22:55:36

Yes! Now you say that it is obvious. I think my brain was starting to melt.

Thank you - I will brandish my needles forthwith.

2PurpleCrocs Sun 01-Nov-15 00:10:21

I've made this a lot! So far it's fitted a few three year olds, a five year old, a six year old - and me! Make sure you use a stretchy cast on. Apart from that it's really simple and looks fab! I use a stretchy "smooth" looking yarn, I think the last one was King Cole Smoothie.

FreezerBird Sun 08-Nov-15 17:21:29

hmm. Sounds like maybe it comes out quite big? If it'll fit 3yo up to adult!

Any idea what it would be like if I knitted with 4.5mm needles rather than 5mm? (Question not at all related to the fact I have 4.5mm dons but would have to buy 5mm....)

FreezerBird Sun 08-Nov-15 17:22:01

*dpns. Not dons. I don't have any of them, of any size.

2PurpleCrocs Mon 09-Nov-15 21:59:50

I think it's just quite stretchy rather than coming out large, and my head's quite petite!

I use 4mm needles (as I only have one circular needle!) and the sizing has been fine. I tend to match my needles to the yarn and increase/decrease as necessary but the pattern given for this has been fine with my DK. Are you using thicker yarn? I think the pattern suggests chunky wool doesn't it? I imagine that [i]would[/i] come out quite large.

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