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Crochet pattern query - please help !

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dustwhatdust Fri 23-Oct-15 19:42:42

I'm started a pattern I've found on pintrest which links to ravelry .
For some reason (probably me being dense ) I cannot understand the following instruction which appear at the end of a row - see instructions for full row below
"Row 3: Ch 1, sc in first dc, ch 2, skip next 2 dc, sc in next dc, ch 2, skip next 2 dc; repeat from across, sc in top of turning ch, turn—9 ch-2 spaces."
It's the last bit I dont get : turn -9 ch -2 spaces ???? What does this mean ?
It's a square to make 48 of them which turns into a baby blanket .
I'd appreciate any help you can give me .

dustwhatdust Fri 23-Oct-15 19:45:04

I don't know why some of it's in bold, this wasn't meant to be highlighted in particular - sorry .

2Warriorsandawish Fri 23-Oct-15 19:46:55

I think it means that at end of row you will have 9 ch2 spaces, ie did ch2 9 times.

dustwhatdust Fri 23-Oct-15 20:00:19

Thank you so much, that's it .
It's just a strange way to put it .
I've just counted my spaces for that row and there are 10 so I've gone wrong already !
Thanks so much for coming to the rescue so amazingly fast 2warrior.

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