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Sewing machine tension help please

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BreeVDKamp Sat 17-Oct-15 11:29:17

Can someone please help me rectify this (pic). This is the wrong side of the fabric. Blue is bobbin thread, pink is top thread.

Thought I'd quickly sew around some terry squares to stop them fraying when I use them as baby wipes. Quick it is not. I have tension problems and I really don't understand about tension!

So my bobbin tension is wrong? Is it too high or too low? I've played around trying to change tension, brother website says to dangle the bobbin in its case by its thread and it shouldn't fall - it didn't. Seems fine. Don't know how to adjust bobbin tension anyway but according to that doesn't seem like it needs it.

Have tried 4, 8 and 1 top tension but all much the same.

It's a Brother BC-2100.

I know nothing! Many thanks in advance.

BreeVDKamp Sat 17-Oct-15 11:29:37

Oops sorry, here's pic.

Icouldbeknitting Sat 17-Oct-15 13:08:01

The blue bobbin thread is pulling the pink top thread down - the bobbin thread is too tight or the top thread is too loose. I would suggest rethreading all the way from the thread spool down to the needle because the thread may not have passed through the tension plate properly. Have a look around the bobbin case for fluff too.

IamnotaspoonIamafork Sat 17-Oct-15 13:36:31

Tension problems are often solved by completely re-threading, top and bottom! Check the bobbin is correct way round in the slot, and securely through any tension hooks, and running freely. Make sure top thread and bobbin thread are same type and weight. It does look like the top thread is running loose, so careful re-threading may solve it...

BreeVDKamp Sun 18-Oct-15 12:52:34

Thank you both! I haven't had chance to try suggestions yet but hopefully will this avo smile

Sanchar Sun 18-Oct-15 12:55:49

i found this video very helpful when i had bobbin tension trouble

PolyesterBride Sun 18-Oct-15 23:30:35

Bobbin should drop slightly when you give it a shake when dangling it so it shouldn't be too tight.

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