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Do I need an Overlocker?

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JillBYeats Fri 09-Oct-15 15:37:14

I have a very basic Singer sewing machine - 2 stitches only and it's fine. I am a self taught, messy but enthusiastic sewer. I make some clothes for my children and I sometimes come across patterns that suggest using an overlocker. In the absence of one I use bias binding or a trim of some sort but feel it'd look better if I had an overlocker. I have just found a Singer one for £115 but this would be instead of a fancier sewing machine with decorative stitches. Do you use an overlocker? Is it easy to get the hang of?

RaisingSteam Fri 09-Oct-15 15:40:53

Is it Aldi Specials Overlocker time? <camps out>

My mum and I have decided to get one between us. I think for sewing anything in jersey it will be great.

I never use decorative stitches on my sewing machine. Straight, zigzag, stretch- but the OL would do those better.

RaisingSteam Fri 09-Oct-15 15:43:08

I mean LIDL of course not Aldi. It's Monday.

flightywoman Fri 09-Oct-15 22:35:29

Oh I want one so much...

LollipopViolet Sat 10-Oct-15 10:34:43

We have one (I live at home and my grandma does a lot of sewing). I'm just getting to grips with the regular sewing machine, the overlocker scares me a bit blush because ours seems to go a million miles an hour compared to the sewing machine!

It does do lovely neat seams though smile

EATmum Sat 10-Oct-15 19:12:29

I definitely need one. I didn't, but then I used one in a workshop and realised what had been missing from my life! V large hints to DH have followed re Christmas.

barkingfly Sat 10-Oct-15 22:20:10

Yes, love mine. It is great for children's clothes

KatharineClifton Sat 10-Oct-15 22:23:13

You do.

Then when you have one you will NEED other things. Like a blind hemming machine and on and on grin

KeepPloddingOn Mon 12-Oct-15 07:28:46

I WANT one. I WANT the Lidl one. But I fear that it would sit in the conservatory unused. But at least I would have one if I ever needed one.

I am currently trying to talk myself out of spending £120 where in reality I know I probably won't use it.

It is a stunning bargain tho.....

FelixFelix Mon 12-Oct-15 07:35:22

I got one recently and it's totally transformed my finished projects. I have a very small business selling homemade childrenswear and it gives the clothes that extra something which makes them look 1000% more professional. Not to mention it makes the seams much stronger so more durable for children to wear. I'd definitely get one if you can.

With regards to the two stitch sewing machine - I only use a running stitch or zigzag stitch on my machine anyway, and I use it a lot. Sometimes I'll use the buttonhole setting but not that often as I tend to use other methods for fastenings. I have a fancy machine which has loads of settings and I don't even know what half of them do so you'll be fine with your basic machine for now, I think smile

faintlyoptimistic Mon 12-Oct-15 07:40:07

There isn't an Aldi near us so I've never been. Would they just have a certain number in stock or how does it work?

I too need one... grin

faintlyoptimistic Mon 12-Oct-15 07:41:02

*Lidl... I meant Lidl!

Iamnotloobrushphobic Mon 12-Oct-15 07:45:52

I am tempted to get an over locker as they do give a nice finish. However, I have a great machine with enough stitches to not NEED an overlocker. I also like French seams which give a nice finish without the need for an overlocker. If you have spare cash I would get it as £115 is a bargain and despite what people say about singer they have a very good 3 year guarantee where they will collect from your door, repair and return if anything goes wrong.

RaisingSteam Mon 12-Oct-15 19:56:10

Ok I'm now the proud owner of one as an advance birthday/Christmas present. Having deliberated for the last 3 years I knew I'd regret leaving it again.

Outside our Lidl at 8am this morning there were six people waiting. Every single one of us made a beeline for the overlockers! I think seriously it must be the offer of the year.

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