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Does anyone use a knitting machine?

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JeffsanArsehole Wed 02-Sep-15 11:00:02

I only want to knit scarves so I want an idiot one smile

lavendersun Thu 03-Sep-15 06:39:08

When I was at uni my then boyfriend's mother had one, she used to make the most complicated looking fairisle sweaters for everyone at Christmas a la Bridget Jones.

I was in awe, it looked very complicated to someone like me.

Obviously I have nothing helpful to offer here grin.

lavendersun Thu 03-Sep-15 06:42:48

Just a thought though, I have a loom and make, ahem, the most fabulous scarves on that.

Very simple indeed but you can get more complicated as you progress.

It folds for travel and is fairly portable (I have got mine on the stand - do it in the winter by a radiator smile).

I wouldn't recommend anything bigger than the 24" - everyone I know with the bigger one thinks it is too cumbersome.

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