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scrapbooking beginners kit hints tips and advice pls?

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snoozealot Fri 14-Aug-15 09:51:27

Hi I'd welcome any advice on what basic kit I might need to start scrapbooking e.g. what size mat, what is best for cutting (scissors yes got those but is there a particular type or is some sort of blade best? ) What glues, pens etc and where to get it. I've looked on line but either get overwhelmed by the choices or forums seem out of date. I don't know what I'm after achieving, I have 2 young D.C. and a step d, and have been totally pants at taking and printing photos, always loved the idea of baby memory box which I've sort of got but not great. I'd like to include things like train tickets and saved mementos of days out into a sort of story book. Is this scrapbooking ? Any advice greatly received. Oh and of course all on a limited budget! smile

fatowl Sat 15-Aug-15 20:47:27

A few years ago i used to scrapbook a lot, then time got the better of me and haven't touched my stuff for ages!
I'm trying to get back into it now as my dd has come back from china with tons of photos and a file full of maps, tickets, etc

I'd would say start with the bare minimum if you can. The kits look good value, but honestly you won't use most of it.

I would go with the following:

Decide what size album you want to make and buy a decent one (12x12 or 8x8 is the most usual size)

A3 mat (or larger A2 if you have the space)

A craft knife and metal ruler.

some acid free double sided tape.

Decide on a few photos you'd like to make some pages of, then take these with you to chose some papers. Buy just enough for these, and see how you go.

fatowl Sat 15-Aug-15 20:53:38

I used to go onto UKScrappers a lot, but it seems very quiet and out of date now. I imagine the Facebook group is more active these days

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