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sewing patterns

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lisathehuggett1 Thu 13-Aug-15 21:34:32

Hi guys,
I just need to pick your brains! My dd is quite talented using her sewing machine and I am trying to find really simple skirt and top patterns in which she can make herslef some clothes with a little help, but I am struggling to find them. I am after skirts with elasticated waists and simple vest top ect. Has any one got any ideas?

fortifiedwithtea Fri 14-Aug-15 03:30:19

Your right there's not much about. Burda 9418 casual racer back top aged 7- 13 looks stylish. Or Simplicity 1398 vest top, v neck t-shirt and shorts for teenagers.

lavendersun Sat 15-Aug-15 09:21:29

You don't really need to buy a pattern OP, just google simple elasticated waist skirt pattern - like this:

This is a really simple top pattern, you could omit making your own bias binding and buy some and omit the front fold by putting the stitching of the fold line on the pattern on the fold of your fabric which would result in a simple vest top if the sizing is right (goes down to a UK size 4).

EATmum Sat 15-Aug-15 13:02:26

My teen DD has used my copy of the Tilly and the Buttons book (Love at first stitch) to make a few things. The patterns are included and good instructions with photos. How old is your DD?

lisathehuggett1 Tue 18-Aug-15 20:08:01

Hi guys, she is eight thanks for your ideas, I will investigate! I am a worried about doing a pattern myself as I am no expert!

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