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Just showing off

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Dutchoma Wed 05-Aug-15 20:50:11

For whoever wants to see my teddy and is not on Facebook yarnaholics

RoosterCogburn Wed 05-Aug-15 22:54:46

He's lovely Oma - fab trousers! Is he for anyone in particular?

Anjelica27 Thu 06-Aug-15 06:11:44

I'm not on Facebook - he's lovely Oma

Dutchoma Thu 06-Aug-15 07:18:54

He is for my grandson who is 8 and specified cyan and white trousers and a magenta jersey. I hope he likes it.

PolterGoose Thu 06-Aug-15 08:28:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Marcipex Fri 07-Aug-15 16:32:21

He's great

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