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Urgent pop art help! Pic included.

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ivywilder Tue 04-Aug-15 19:46:54


I've done a sketch of my friend and would like to transfer it to canvas using acrylic paint.

I'm not confident in using colours but I'd love to make the image look like pop art. I don't necessarily want it to be as mad as Warhol's Monroe painting. Perhaps I could make her lips red, and her head scarf blue so something? She is mixed race so I'm not sure about leaving the face white, but I do want it some funky colour either (I don't think).

I'm just not sure how to execute the whole thing. I'm confident in drawing the lines in black but other than that I'm at a loss.

Can anyone advise please? It's her birthday on Thursday so it's kinda urgent! Thanks

ivywilder Tue 04-Aug-15 19:48:25

Also would appreciate a critique on the actual sketch itself. I need fresh eyes. Something seems off kilter and I can't put my finger on it.

PerspicaciaTick Tue 04-Aug-15 19:50:19

How about something more like Roy Lichtenstein's work? Less solid and emphasising the black lines?

ExcuseMyEyebrows Tue 04-Aug-15 19:51:10

I love it!

Could you scan it into a PC and play with colours until you like the effect?

PerspicaciaTick Tue 04-Aug-15 19:51:32

here's a link to the sort of thing I'm thinking of

And I love the sketch - it's great.

MarthaMonkeynuts Tue 04-Aug-15 19:52:27

I'm Not artistic in the slightest so can't advise but looks great and I would be thrilled if I were your friend smile

WeSailTonightForSingapore Tue 04-Aug-15 19:57:51

Awesome sketch! Will work brill in pop art colours. Can't really advise on the colours though but whatever you choose I'm sure it will work out well!

ivywilder Tue 04-Aug-15 19:59:10

PerspicaciaTick yes! That's what I was thinking of but didn't know the name / style of it so thank you! How would I get that effect though? It's got loads of little dots everywhere?! Should I do the black lines first then colour in?

I don't have a scanner but maybe I could upload the photo?
Thanks everyone

ivywilder Tue 04-Aug-15 20:05:30

Just so worried about fucking it all up!!

PerspicaciaTick Tue 04-Aug-15 20:09:41

Maybe upload the photo and print off a couple of copies if you can - then you can experiment on technique and colours before committing yourself to your canvas. I'd be tempted to do the black lines first myself - but have no idea if that would be the best way.

ivywilder Tue 04-Aug-15 20:30:09

Yeah think I'll just do the outline in black acrylic then see what happens. Right I'm going in. Gulp.

If anyone has any other ideas keep posting. I'll keep checking. Thanks all X

Jellykat Tue 04-Aug-15 20:30:16

Brilliant drawing ivy!

As someone largely computer incompetent, i'd trace the different components of the pic. Buy some coloured/ polka dot paper, and cut out using my tracings.. then i'd play around with different colourways and proportions, until i found one i loved. Then use the final idea for the canvas.
Black lines last, to ensure they're sharp and even.

ivywilder Tue 04-Aug-15 20:33:32

Thank you for all the compliments on the sketch! I feel a bit more confident now. I'm computer incompetent too, also I only really have tonight to do it so I don't have time to get other bits, also I don't have a pot to piss in. Hence she's getting a painting off me for her birthday cheapskate'

ivywilder Tue 04-Aug-15 21:27:18

Okay it's not turning out great but I'm going to finish. I just don't know if g should keep the glasses black or colour the frame another colour? Also don't have a clue what to do with her hair. Help!!

iwouldgoouttonight Tue 04-Aug-15 21:37:48

Wow that's going to look amazing. I'd love to get a present that someone had painted for me.

I'd do her hair dark brown or black and maybe leave the colour of the background showing for the outlines/details of the hair (as black lines wouldn't show).

What colour glasses does she normally wear? I'd keep to similar to what she wears.

ivywilder Tue 04-Aug-15 21:45:21

Thank you. It's just looks a bit weird at the moment, I'm hoping once all the black lines are in it'll look okay. She usually wears black frames so maybe I should go with that. Thanks for tip on hair. Her hair is amazing I want to do it justice. It's got blonde streaks in it though, maybe I ought to incorporate that

ivywilder Wed 05-Aug-15 10:45:03

This is it so far. I'm not keen on the hair cut otherwise it's okay I think.

I'm going to do a speech bubble tonight and maybe touch up / change a few things about the hair (although not sure what).

Would appreciate any constructive criticism or any ideas on how to improve the piece. Thanks all

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