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Best paint for hand and foot painting

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fletcher992 Tue 04-Aug-15 11:04:53

Doing lots of fun and free activities with our 4year old and thinking about getting a large piece of paper and letting him stand in paint (or roll in it knowing him) and walk about and get very messy.
But he has sensitive skin so worried about the effects of paint on him.
He loves getting messy and has paint at nursery but I find they just use normal paint and wash him straight away.
What paint do you use and what do you find is best if your little one has sensitive skin- and best thing to use for washing off
I was going to have paddling pool out too so he could quickly rinse off before having bath later.

pandypoos Wed 05-Aug-15 07:22:43

Have a look on there's loads of cheap and easy homemade activities. I'm sure I saw an edible paint made with yougurt which would be good for sensitive skin

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