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Cross stitch completion

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OnlyTheDepthVaries Thu 30-Jul-15 08:17:26

I'm clearing out the loft prior to moving house and have found a very incomplete cross stitch.
I have no time to complete it (and little ability if I'm honest) - so does anyone know of a person / company that would complete this project for me?
Shabby, I know, but needs must!

TheGirlOnTheLanding Thu 30-Jul-15 08:35:12

No idea if any businesses exist that do this, but I have seen ads in Cross Stitcher magazine where people offer to do this - might be worth placing an ad yourself and asking?

OnlyTheDepthVaries Thu 30-Jul-15 16:22:19

Thank-you for the info - I shall buy the magazine tomorrow.

SassyPumpkins Sat 01-Aug-15 21:08:20

OnlyTheDepthVaries, roughly how large is the project? I'm in the process of finishing up another craft that will take about a week to do. If you haven't found anyone to complete it yet, and you don't mind me finishing my own project before I start yours, send me a note and I'll be happy to stitch it up for you. The only thing I ask is that you include a SASE so I can return it to you when it's completed.

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