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Dress Design Help! (One piece of fabric)

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PlayNice Wed 29-Jul-15 00:24:49


I want to make a dress from fibre optic fabric, bought from here

The only difficulty is that you can't cut the fabric much as it ruins the fibre optic. You can cut it into straight strips, to avoid breaking the wire, but no more than that. Can anyone help me with any ideas for making a dress with this fabric, whether it's using one piece and wrapping it, or using multiple pieces sewed together with bits of non-luminous fabric for the bits that can't be rectangular?

pippop1 Wed 29-Jul-15 00:30:01

Some kind of tabard type dress where it slips over the head and is machined on each side?

pippop1 Wed 29-Jul-15 00:32:21

Or do a sari type thing, that only uses one piece of fabric but you'd need to wear some kind of blouse underneath and a petticoat to tuck it in.

PlayNice Wed 29-Jul-15 00:33:05

Ooh, yeah, maybe a sari could be good. I do have a few petticoats.

pippop1 Wed 29-Jul-15 00:59:15

The blouse underneath could leave a bare midriff.

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