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Pony in the round Knitting Needs

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ClunkyBoobster Fri 10-Jul-15 05:33:42

Hi quick question as google isn't really being helpful.

I have a few pairs of PONY in the round knitting needs and the plastic wire connecting the needles is bent or kinked - usually because I was trying to knit something that was too small for my 80cm ones... is there anyway to unkink or should I bin them? They are kind of infuriating to use in this state.

Thanks in advance!

PolterGoose Fri 10-Jul-15 13:42:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ClunkyBoobster Sat 11-Jul-15 05:15:47

Thanks PolterGoose. I was thinking hot/warm water as well. May give it a go. What is the worst that can happen - I ruin them and then they get binned or they get binned anyway!

SocksRock Sat 11-Jul-15 06:07:07

I've had several pony circulars. All without exception have fallen apart. Invest in a decent set of knitpro interchangeables. And Google "magic loop" for knitting small things on long circulars. I do socks on an 80cm circular :-)

tribpot Sat 11-Jul-15 07:08:23

Agreed - Pony are alright for when you're first trying out circular needles and you're not sure if they're right for you but after that you need to upgrade if you can.

I like HiyaHiya sharp, Chiaogoo Red and Addi, not so fond of Knitpro (although do have quite a few of them too!). Whatever you go for, you need a brand that has smooth joins between the cable and the needle so your knitting isn't constantly snagging.

Magic Loop and its younger cousin Travelling Loop.

ClunkyBoobster Sun 12-Jul-15 19:08:58

Ah thanks mamas. I only eve really bought them as they were what was available at Hobby Craft!! Now I live in the Middle East and the selection is way more grim. I don't knit much... but I'll add a nice set to an amazon wish list and cross my fingers!

lurkerspeaks Wed 15-Jul-15 08:33:53

Hot water.

But even expensive ones do this - I spent a happy Sunday loosening off my addi sock circular...

However I would also recommend a set- I have HiyaHiya metal and bamboo (prefer the latter) and Darn Pretty Lacetips which were a totally extravagant but beautiful gift from my Dad.

JoffreyBaratheon Wed 22-Jul-15 09:13:13

I prefer Addi. The cables on the needles have no 'memory' - but right now am doing a project where the only circular needles I had in the right size were old Aero or Ponys and am hating that stiff, old-fashioned cable! Can't wait to get this project off the needles.

I would not recommend interchangeable - once having lost a 300 + stitch lace project when the needle drifted off the cable, mid row... Never found a reliable brand. I just buy fixed ones. ChiaoGoo are nice, too but have had th eodd one of them break on me eventually, after heavy use. Addis have never had a problem with. Probably can get them on eBay or Amazon for little more than you'd pay at Hobbycraft or similar for a crap pair.

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