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Anyone ever made a leotard and how hard was it?

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JillBYeats Mon 29-Jun-15 14:27:47

Just that really. DD does ballet and is spending a fortune on leotards and the like and I would like to try my hand at producing one but I am a self-taught, beginner sewer. I have a basic machine and have made a few skirts, a dress and a shirt plus a lot of clothing adjustments. I am not always successful (as think I am too careless to be a good sewer). Anyone? Anyone?

CotedePablo Mon 29-Jun-15 14:36:55

Yes, many years ago (girls now grown up). As I remember, it wasn't too difficult, just got to be careful as the fabric can be a bit slippy to work with.

Micah Mon 29-Jun-15 14:40:04

It's really easy. Jalie for patterns, fabric land for cheap Lycra and stretch net. Even tutu's aren't that hard.

You will need a machine with a stretch stitch, and a ballpoint needle.

JillBYeats Tue 30-Jun-15 17:28:52

blush what is a stretch stitch - my machine is very basic - dh bought it as a surprise (to my horror) present many years ago and the lady in the Singer shop recommended this one with 5 stitches, well, I say 5 but really it's two - straight or zigzag (4 different widths of zigzag make up the 5) so I guess I don't have a "stretch stitch"?

and I presume I cna buy a ballpoint needle in a sewing shop - what's it for.

blush again - I really am amateur

Itscurtainsforyou Tue 30-Jun-15 17:32:37

I think zigzag is a stretch stitch (or that's how I've always used it...)

Micah Tue 30-Jun-15 21:45:51

A stretch stitch is a very close zigzag, so it looks like a normal stitch but slightly goes back on itself so stretches with the fabric.

A ballpoint or stretch needle is for stretch or jersey type fabrics. So the needle slips in between the weave and doesn't tear the fabric, which a normal sharp needle might do.

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