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Crochet christmas stocking - can anyone recommend a pattern?

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Chocolateteabag Sun 07-Jun-15 10:28:27

I really want to make Christmas stockings for the DC's this year.
I'm thinking "The White Company" style red stockings with their initials would be good. however this stripey one from Cherryheart's blog is also lovely.

So can anyone recommend a pattern? I have been trawling ravelry - some good patterns (free too) but they have negative comments here and there about the quality of the instructions. I guess I'm looking for someone to say they've done "this one" or recommend "this" persons/company's patterns.

Thank you in advance flowers

mayfridaycomequickly Mon 08-Jun-15 09:25:44

Oooh - I've just learnt so watching with interest. It'd be brilliant to do DS a stocking!

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