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Sewing: What trousers/shorts can I make for DD 9yo that are both simple to sew and fashionable

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bryte Sat 06-Jun-15 09:33:47

I struggle to buy shorts and trousers for DD2 because she has a high waist. Where she goes in is far above her belly button, so waistbands only ever come up to her hips and trousers are uncomfortable and don't look flattering.

Not wanting her to live in dresses and skirts the whole summer, I am thinking of making her some shorts or cropped trousers. Can anyone recommend an easy style to make? When I say fashionable I just mean something that is similar to what her friends might be wearing rather than looking like I've made her play clothes from old bedroom curtains ;-)

MrsNextDoor Sun 07-Jun-15 00:03:43

I did this and the way I did it was to take apart an old pair of DDs pyjamas. I used the pieces as a rough pattern...copied them onto paper...and then made a simple elasticated waist band...they turned out brilliantly and didn't look hand made at all....I used a very nice mid-weight cotton. I made them reach just above the knee...ended up making lots of pretty shorts like this...tiny floral prints etc.

pileoflaundry Sun 07-Jun-15 16:43:03

Main difficulty would be the fit and the zip and waistband. Could your DD cope with an elasticated waist? If so, then KwikSew Learn To Sew patterns have a good reputation for being easy to follow but effective, although I haven't tried any of their trouser patterns.

I like Jalie Patterns which come with a huge array of sizes in each packet, so great for growing kids, but most are for knit (stretchy) fabrics. Jalie 3243 looks like an easy pattern for a non-stretchy fabric (again I haven't tried it but the reviews are positive).

Pants for real people would help get a good fit.

MrsNextDoor Sun 07-Jun-15 22:52:48

I never bothered with a zip! I just use elastic.

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