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What size dress form to buy

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neddle Fri 05-Jun-15 15:23:48

I'm looking to buy a dress form but I'm not sure of the best size to get.

My current measurements are: bust 108cm/42.5"; waist 99cm/39"; hips 112cm/44" and I'm loosing weight and hope to hit a size 10 by christmas.

Should I get a medium -* Size Medium (UK 16-20):Bust 101 - 119cm (39.5" - 47"),Waist 80 - 100cm (31.5" - 39.5"),Hips 105 - 124cm (41" - 49")* and replace it when it's too big?
Or get a small and pad it for now - Size Small (UK 10-16) : Bust 84 - 104cm (33" - 41"),Waist 65 - 85cm (25.5" - 33.5"),Hips 92 - 112cm (36" - 44")

Chocolateteabag Sun 07-Jun-15 10:33:49

I would get the small - as it's also inspiration to keep going.

But maybe in the mean time - you could do a duct tape dress form? There are tutorials all over the place but essentially you wrap yourself in cling film from shoulders to bum (over underwear) and then wrap 2-3 layers of duct tape tightly round yourself. Once you are cut out of this - the tape keeps your "shape" which you can then stick back together and pads out to make your exac t dress form.

You clearly need a good friend (or unwilling husband), about 3-4 rolls of duct tape and at least 2 hours undisturbed time. But you get a very good dress form out of it.

Chocolateteabag Sun 07-Jun-15 10:38:25

Plus you can do it again when you get to your goal and stand them next to each other.

I have my "fat" one in a corner - I used expanding foam in the bottom (one can did about a quarter of the form (all holes closed up first) and newspaper in the rest with a coat hanger in the top.

I am now 7kgs lighter with 2 to go and looking forward to forcing DH into doing a new form (he found it weirdly bondagey last time and was very freaked)

I do have my actual dress form too - but duct tape lady is really for final check and posterity.

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