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Learning to crochet

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DigApony Sun 26-Apr-15 11:06:05

So after weeks of watching many tutorials and getting no where, yesterday it clicked after watching about 100 times an American tutorial the woman was brilliant. So I finally feel like I've started to gets to grips with the granny square. Obviously it's a bit messy/loose but it's so fast and enjoyable compared to the knitting I've been doing. But I live in a tiny town and my only option for yarn was some awful stuff which keeps splitting. What would anyone recommend so I can order some from Amazon today?
This is my first try at a granny square feel free to points out my many mistakes I can see I've missed a few stitches. smile

DigApony Sun 26-Apr-15 11:09:01


BigFatFurryCatPuss Sun 26-Apr-15 11:09:39

Stylecraft special DK is a good all-rounder. 100% acrylic (so easily washable and dryable, a must with dcs!), great range of colours and around £1.69-£1.89 a ball.

I use or both often having offers on.

Happy hooking!

Icimoi Sun 26-Apr-15 11:10:00

Which tutorial was it?

DigApony Sun 26-Apr-15 11:13:25

I'm terrible at links but it jayda knits

sunbathe Sun 26-Apr-15 11:20:54

That's amazing, Dig. smile

PolterGoose Sun 26-Apr-15 11:21:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MandMand Sun 26-Apr-15 11:25:59

That looks absolutely fantastic for a first attempt! I also live in a small town with no yarn shop, and order a lot online from Deramores. Cotton mix yarns are particularly good for crochet, something like James C Brett cotton on would be a good budget yarn to start with.

DeeCayed Sun 26-Apr-15 11:48:22

I've just started (Mother's Day present) and just used wool from asda, pound shop and b&m

These were taken a couple of weeks ago so are bigger but here's my offerings...

CelibacyCakeAndFuckThePO Sun 26-Apr-15 12:03:03

Stylecraft Special DK is lovely, I was advised to use it by the Woolly Hugs harmonies. I ordered from WoolWarehouse and was really impresed.

Like you I'm a knitter who's new to crochet. I learned via YT tutorials and really like the Royal Sisters blog. Worth a look if you haven't seen already.

CelibacyCakeAndFuckThePO Sun 26-Apr-15 12:03:34

Yarnies not harmonies hmm

GGabcd Sun 26-Apr-15 12:23:51

Deramores is the best place, IMHO, for yarn and/or supplies.

GGabcd Sun 26-Apr-15 12:25:10

I'm only finding places to buy Jayda Knits under that name.

To link:

Copy the stuff in the URL box into the message box.

Press post.

dalmatianmad Sun 26-Apr-15 12:38:22

I also learned from that same you tube tutorial, it just clicked.
I buy my wool from Wilko's and B+M.
Am just starting my 3rd blanket! It's so addictive!

DigApony Sun 26-Apr-15 17:20:27

Sorry have been out, it is actually jayda institches. I've been desperate all day to return to my square grin

fertilityFTW Sun 26-Apr-15 17:31:09

Aah! I love 'Jayda in Stitches' - she's Canadian btw. I think.
I battled the granny for aaaages before finding her tutorial and having my eureka! moment. She actually explained the 'why' as well as the 'how' which made all the difference for me. I actually sent her fan mail via Facebook about how great her tutorials were and she was really nice to boot!
I've done her fab hat tutorial and some flowers too now - and am on my 3rd blanket.

spacefrog35 Sun 26-Apr-15 17:44:36

Wander over to the wooly hugs board & have a look at some of the ongoing projects. Loads of advice, friendly hookers (shock) and if you want to you can ask them to send you some wool that you can make into a granny square and then send back to be part of a mumsnet made blanket for someone who really needs one.

DigApony Sun 26-Apr-15 17:46:25

Sorry didn't realise she was Canadian blush I actually thought of telling her how brilliant her instructions are. I couldn't get past the creating the circle with all the others!
Wow fertility that's amazing, did you create small squares for your blankets or all one piece? really want to get myself a bag to carry it all around in

BorisJohnsonsHair Sun 26-Apr-15 17:53:09

bethintx is also very good (youtube). Although I still blame her for my not getting any housework done for about a year!

PurpleCrazyHorse Sun 26-Apr-15 18:03:17

I crochet & knit all my bigger projects in Stylecraft Special DK, it makes a large baby blanket a very cost effective gift. The Wool Warehouse stocks an excellent variety of yarns and accessories and has really competitive postage too (I don't work for them but have used them for yarn since I started crocheting a couple of years ago grin).

Google Attic24 for some crochet blanket, bag & wreath inspiration.

Other good videos are on the Craftyminx crochet school website. The videos show both left & right handed too. They're pretty clear and they cover loads of topics like how to block.

Blueandwhitelover Sun 26-Apr-15 18:16:11

I've just started to crochet too using Jayda. It's so addictive although your granny square looks much neater than mine. My first one went wrong in the middle but I kept going and ended up clicking on the third row, it ended up being an enormous blanket :-)

Blueandwhitelover Sun 26-Apr-15 18:17:32

A new charity shop opened by me yesterday and I bought a lovely wicker basket for £2.50 to store my wool and also bought 16 balls of wool for 50p each. It is addictive!

Euphemia Sun 26-Apr-15 18:24:10

I taught myself to make a flower from YouTube, then a granny square. I made a pram blanket for a friend and now I'm making a blanket for our bed. I'm ever so chuffed with myself. smile

Christhemoose Sun 26-Apr-15 18:35:49

When you fancy a new project this lady makes some gorgeous things (blankets and smaller projects) with very clear instructions :-)

DigApony Sun 26-Apr-15 19:28:00

Euphemia that's lovely and neat. Can I ask what size needles everyone uses? I've moved down to a 3mm on the last three rows I've done it's definitely made a difference in my stitches being tighter.

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