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Sewing machine for a beginner

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MrsNutella Tue 31-Mar-15 11:55:16


I'm looking to buy a sewing machine but I'm not sure what exactly to go for. A friend has a machine that works as an over locker too. She said the one it doesn't do is sew a patch on something. So if she wanted to make a top for her DC she couldn't put a picture on it unless she hand-sews it on. But the machine does do the hemming / edging.

The sort of jobs I would like to use a sewing machine for: I want to be able to alter my curtains (just adding a bit of black out liner and hemming) and also make clothes for the DCs. Because the selection here in Germany is not great and I feel the quality is really poor for the price you pay.

If anyone would give me some tips please on what to look for in a decent machine I'd really appreciate it! Thank you!

MrsFlannel Tue 31-Mar-15 13:49:01

I have this one

which my MIL bought and chose for me. She picked it because it was the one they used on The Great British Sewing Bee. I was a beginer too and still am really. It does all I want....curtain and cushion making and simple clothing too.

MrsNutella Wed 01-Apr-15 14:07:24

Thanks for your reply MrsF. That sounds great and very practical! smile

lurkerspeaks Mon 06-Apr-15 10:35:47

I have this one. I chose it because you can regulate the speed which I find really useful for sewing with kids or when doing intricate stuff.

The automatic bUttonholes rock.

MrsNutella Wed 08-Apr-15 21:34:57

Super, thank you lurker I'll look into that!

poppyinstitches Fri 10-Apr-15 08:21:07

how about Janome 7025 or the 5024 is lovely, quiet and strong as it has a metal external frame.

MrsNutella Fri 10-Apr-15 08:33:33

Ohhh thank you I'll look at that too poppy! smile

RosaliesGinBottle Tue 28-Apr-15 16:48:32

Ha! I knew I wouldn't be the first to want to know this smile Thanks for asking, MrsNutella, I'm very grateful smile

agoodbook Tue 28-Apr-15 16:55:38

I sew, and my grown up daughter wanted a beginners/basic sewing machine, and we chose this one- good enough until she gets more proficient.

I wouldn't personally choose one with an overlocker as a beginner, unless you are going to be sewing a lot of jersey/t shirt material .

PeterParkerSays Tue 28-Apr-15 16:56:43

I would look for a 2nd hand machine if you can get one. They tend to be more hard wearing, with a metal body rather than plastic. Mine is a 1970s model but going strong and came with a range of different feet, as a new machine would.

You'd pay about £40 - £60 for a 2nd hand machine in the UK, not sure about Germany, and for that price you can learn with it and then move on to a better machine with more functions when you're more proficient.

FelixFelix Tue 28-Apr-15 17:02:08

My Mum (who is brilliant at sewing and has been doing it years) recently bought a machine from IKEA and she raves about it. It may be worth looking in to along with the other suggestions. I don't think they are very expensive.

booksandwool Wed 29-Apr-15 08:42:15

I was going to suggest the Ikea one too - just got one v recently as a complete beginner and have got it going fine. I now want to sew everything!
I don't think it's v sturdy but it does enough that I should be able to find out whether I like sewing.

MrsNutella Sat 13-Jun-15 07:04:09

Thanks again ladies! I'm still looking. Machines here are much more expensive (most things are sad ) so I've been thinking about it before taking the plunge. A friend has a machine and I have asked her for help too. I will also ask her if she knows anywhere that I can by a second hand one. All the places I know to look for second hand stuff have no sewing machines for sale confused
At this rate it would be cheaper to buy it in the UK and change the plug!

I'm tempted by the IKEA one (because it would be a nice cheap beginner's machine) but I would like to be able to sew Jersey stuff for the kids too..... Hmmmmm

frenchfancy Sat 13-Jun-15 07:20:04

You can sew jersey on any machine with a zig-zag stitch. If as you get more profficient you decide you want to do more jersey stuff you could buy a seperate overlocker.

If I were looking for a beginers machine I would buy this Janome for £89 I bought my overlocker from them, they ship to europe - delivery costs very reasonable.

Bouncearound Sat 13-Jun-15 07:27:37

The IKEA machine is amazing and I've seen lots of jersey on mine

elQuintoConyo Sat 13-Jun-15 07:37:01

To be honest, I wouldn't spend under €200 on on. If you know you are going to sew a lot of things - and the more you sew , the more addictive it is - then invest in a decent machine first. You can spend anytjing up to and over €1000 but that is getting into crazy money!

Do you have a Cash Coverters where you are? I'm in Spain and we have them here, rather bizarrely. I have seen machines in there all the time.

One thing I will mention is that Singer isn't topdog anymore, even though my motger and grandmother had them and swear by them - parts are cheap and they break down more and are less sturdy. Biyt sad, really.

I've started making DS' clothes recently, it is sooooooo satisfying grin Have fun!

RaisingSteam Sat 13-Jun-15 23:38:04

Might you be able to source a Swiss made machine like an Elna or Bernina?

suenan Mon 15-Jun-15 08:12:11

Hello Mrsnutella, nice to meet you on another thread smile
I used a sewing machine - for the first time ever - last week when I did a workshop. This machine was recommended:

Also on amazon for a similar price.

I am still thinking whether to get one, what I would make etc. I think my dc are too old to wear clothes made by their mum. Though one of the why I am tempted is the fact that I could make the girls some shorts that actually cover their bums, and that they can wear to school. Instead of those skimpy things one gets in the shops these days.

The woman who ran the workshop also sent me some links:
> Schnitte:
> Toller Marktplatz f�r alles:
> >
> N�hanleitungen:

MrsNutella Mon 15-Jun-15 21:12:28

suenan that is brilliant! Thank you for all the links! smile Nice to "see" you on here too.

fortifiedwithtea Fri 19-Jun-15 04:05:53

How about Juki HZL-353z it has modern features such as drop-in bobbin, automatic needle threader, automatic one step buttonhole as well as stitches for stretch fabric. All moving parts are made of metal. Priced at around £269

As others have said avoid new Singer machines, the quality isn't what it used to be. Do choose a machine with a metal body. Buttonholes should be one step, the alternative is 4 step and they are a pita. Don't buy too basic you'll out grow it too quickly.

MrsNutella Mon 29-Jun-15 10:09:34

Well, lots of googling, reading of reviews and checking of prices I think it will be the 525s.

I have found a used one for 292€ which seems very reasonable. But I'm going to get my husband to contact the company first and ask a few questions before taking the plunge.

Thank you everyone for your help! It is interesting to read up about the machines. I think what is winning it for the Janome model for me is I haven't found anyone saying anything bad about it and it has a lot of extras packed into it (extras which I might actually even use) for a very decent price.

horseygeorgie Wed 22-Jul-15 12:12:24

I do dressmaking and curtains etc on my 2nn/3rd/4th hand singer. It is old but works like a dream, is ALWAYS reliable and cost £15!

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