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CE marking toys

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Aoifemary4152 Mon 09-Feb-15 16:21:23

I would like to start making toddler aprons to sell at school fairs etc. I understand I need to CE mark them. My local trading standards in yorkshire is really unhelpful. Is it possible to gather the info I need for free on the Internet. Also, can I only use fabrics (even if bought locally and 100% cotton) that is certified. If so, won't this raise costs? I have tried to contact the CE facebook page (twice) with no look. Do you have to be invited to join? Can anyone please.

MrsTawdry Mon 09-Feb-15 21:54:42

I understood that toys have to be CE marked but never heard of garments needing it. An apron is a garment....I see tonnes of people making and selling children's clothing with no CE marks.

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