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Knitting novice question

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spaceal Sun 08-Feb-15 18:10:00

Hello. I've not long started knitting and have just completed a very simple chunky bamboo scarf (see photo) - it's all done and cast off and I'm happy with it BUT I don't know how to finish the ends with such big wool. I can't really weave it through as it just comes undone since the knit is so big. So do I just need to knot it really well and then cut off the ends? If so, what kind of knot?

Thank you!

farmerslife Sun 08-Feb-15 18:34:53

Umm interesting question i am knitting a single panel shrug where you just knit a rectangle and fold / sew to make a shrug but I will have the same issue.

AnimalsAreMyFriends Sun 08-Feb-15 18:38:20

I think I would knot it & cut the end very short. Then very carefully sew the knot with cotton, so there is no danger of it coming undone and all your hard work unravelling!

Or, looking at your cast off row, I would use a big eye needle and weave it through each stitch of the cast off.

minkGrundy Sun 08-Feb-15 18:43:11

Nice scarf.
Although I think you may have cast off a little tight.

I would never cut close to a knot, it will almost inevitablycome undone and unravel.
You can weave into the cast off, or down an edge. The woven in ends do sometimes cone out but they can be woven in again more easily than you can fix unravelling knitting imo. As long as the end through cast off stitch is pulled tight through and long enough not to pull back through it won't unravel.

Malabrig0 Sun 08-Feb-15 18:45:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ihave2naughtydogs Sun 08-Feb-15 18:55:36

You can buy larger needles for bulkier yarn, I used a large needle to weave in ends of torn fabric for a crochet rug. You also seperate strands of your end string and weave them in seperately.Would make for a secure finish OR add tassels !

SocksRock Sun 08-Feb-15 18:59:16

I use a crochet hook to pull the end through as many stitches as I can.

spaceal Sun 08-Feb-15 19:10:41

Thank you very much! All very helpful - I'll give some combination of those suggestions a go later.

You're right, mink, I probably did cast off too tight - a lesson for next time!

Malabrig0 Sun 08-Feb-15 20:18:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PolterGoose Mon 09-Feb-15 15:35:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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