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I love needle felting, but what to do with it?

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Marmiteandjamislush Sun 01-Feb-15 17:20:36

Hi all,

I love crafting and baking ect and have just found needle felting! I really love it, but I'm not quite sure what to do with everything. The main issue is that I like doing cute 'sculptural' things rather than flat pieces IYSWIM. I personally think that these can look great mixed in with more sophisticated things, as if you'd found one offs in a market, but I think anymore than 1 or 2 quirky bits and it throws the 'effect'. I've made a few bits that our boys enjoy playing with and a set of uber cute IMHO Christmas decorations, yes I know it's only Feb, but I saw these on Pintrest I liked them and and thought I'd have a go and got the bug!�� Anyway, even the boys are a bit overwhelmed, so where else? Was thinking presents, but some of the other boards on here are really negative re twee, homemade stuff. I don't really have enough time to make lots to sell either. Any suggestions would be great, thanks.

SoupDragon Sun 01-Feb-15 17:23:14

I think that knowing what to do with the finished item is a problem with all crafts!

AmeliaPeabody Sun 01-Feb-15 17:33:40

We make models of trees (around wire armature), houses and things to use in scenes (trying not to mention anything too identifying there), along with a few figures. They can take weeks and weeks to make some of them.

I only make things we're going to use, not interested in selling, and not sure how they would be received as gifts.

You could offer up occasional items for sale on Etsy or the usual, similar places. You don't have to make lots

Marmiteandjamislush Sun 01-Feb-15 17:41:20

Ooh, thanks Amelia, will try that.

WaitingForMe Sun 01-Feb-15 17:43:58

I know someone making an advent string with a model for each day and they build into a scene.

Marmiteandjamislush Sun 01-Feb-15 17:47:08

That sounds interesting too, Waiting.

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