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calling all dressmakers

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lostprince Tue 27-Jan-15 22:20:01

I am relatively new to dress making any tips on the best place to get material/ patterns?

lucysmam Wed 28-Jan-15 09:40:28

For fabric try if you're ok with buying online. It's a very, um, interesting website but their prices are good.

If you'd rather buy in person then I have no idea, I'm rather limited as to where I can buy from round here - travelling to buy would cost more than the delivery for most places sad

Patterns - is there a haberdashery shop in your area? They might be a good place to start.

Someone else will probably have better suggestions than me though - I've only recently started sewing again after a looooong break smile

lavendersun Wed 28-Jan-15 17:48:18

I have a lovely local fabric shop I use a lot. JL sell fabric and patterns but I try not to buy fabric there unless it is reduced because my local shop often has the very same fabric by the very same maker for half of the cost so I know that their mark up is ridiculous.

I like Truro Fabrics for nice things - just fabrics for skirts and tunics for me really but they are not cheap (but neither is buying clothes!).

E-bay can be good although I would mostly use e-bay for furnishing fabrics.

I have a thing for Liberty patterns at the minute and have bought some lovely printed cord from here:

It is actually fairly good value for Liberty and you don't need much for a skirt.

Oldraver Wed 28-Jan-15 19:34:46

There are some dressmaking pages on Facebook where you can always pick up patterns and odd bits of fabric.

I will try and find one

Oldraver Wed 28-Jan-15 19:37:58

Fabric and Haberdasery

lostprince Wed 28-Jan-15 19:48:07

Thank you all so much, some good suggestions, I want to start my next project in the next few weeks, I'm thinking a Jersey dress.....

RavenRose Wed 28-Jan-15 19:51:27

For patterns try


For fabrics a lot depends on what you are after. Fabricland is good, Abakhans as well. The actual shops for them are better than the online one. They used to have bargain bins and sell by weight! There's also ebay and

These are all ones I've used. The last two are based in Germany but delivery can be quicker than Uk based ones. For real life shops it's mostly independents which can be a bit out of the way. I've found a few through yell and searching for fabric shops. Some are obviously curtains etc but I've found some real gems as well!!

lucysmam Wed 28-Jan-15 21:12:56

My fb won't load the fb link Old sad

I'm a member of a group that swap ribbons etc - haven't found it useful tbh as I want fabric etc but found it while searching for fabric/haberdashery swap groups.

poppyinstitches Sat 31-Jan-15 20:38:59

I buy patterns from, and also
generally I prefer to buy fabrics when I can touch them, Fabrics Galore in South London is great, Cloth House in Berwick Street, Central London. Raven Rose has posted a fantastic list, I've used Ditto & Croft Mill.

carlajean Sun 01-Feb-15 22:23:02

Where are you lostprince

Oldraver Wed 04-Feb-15 18:25:08

Lucysmam The page is called Fabric and Haberdashery For Sale.. Lots of people selling their fabric stash patterns they dont want etc.

lucysmam Wed 04-Feb-15 18:35:49

Thank you, I'll have a look now smile

perfectlybroken Wed 04-Feb-15 18:42:21

Ooh great thread! I highly recommend
Downloadable patterns but also extra drawings and tutorials which are great for a beginner. I think I've made about 50 variations of get washi dress and wear one most days!

perfectlybroken Wed 04-Feb-15 19:34:40

oops its

lavendersun Wed 04-Feb-15 19:58:33

There are some very simple patterns to be had these days. I made this in boiled wool at the weekend, even with an invisible zip, overlocking all the pieces and hand sewing the hem it only took me three hours:

I like it so much that I am making another one in embroidered cord this weekend.

Most of the pattern books have an easy section.

McCalls patterns are currently 1/2 price here:

lucysmam Wed 04-Feb-15 20:08:51

lavender, is the dress one with a back or side zip? I think it would do dd for school with a bit of tweaking smile

lavendersun Wed 04-Feb-15 20:25:36

They are all the same - with a back zip.

Simplicity 1457 is nice for girls, it has lots of variations, none with zips. I made it for my 8 year old recently and one or two of them could definitely be made up as a school dress, 'D', in particular.

I would find a pattern that fits the job rather than changing one tbh if you are actually buying a new pattern - there is so much choice that you should be able to find what you want.

lucysmam Wed 04-Feb-15 20:30:24

She's an awkward size. She's only 8yo but very nearly as tall as me, very long legs but stumpy body & a tum to go with it because of bowel troubles.

I had to change a pair of size six trousers today for a ten & need to lower the waist so they fit right. Very bloody awkward confused

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