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Sewing Bee returns

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Iwantacampervan Sat 24-Jan-15 16:38:00

Our haberdashery envy can begin again - this Wed 8pm BBC2 a catch up with last year's contestants. The next series starts Thurs 5th Feb.
Patrick looking very smart minus beard

SoupDragon Sat 24-Jan-15 18:19:31


SoupDragon Sat 24-Jan-15 18:20:05

I think he looked far better with the beard though.

Luciferbox Sat 24-Jan-15 18:46:33

Minus beard? Oh no

EATmum Sat 24-Jan-15 19:07:47

Oh I'm very excited about this. Ridiculously so. Thank you!

ZingTheGreat Sun 25-Jan-15 16:01:34

ooh thanks for that! looking forward to it.

I'm not a dressmaker but love the show. Patrick is dishy

NakedFamilyFightClub Sun 25-Jan-15 20:09:38

Oooh, lovely! Just in time to replace the allotment for me, I was wondering what to watch smile

Gatekeeper Thu 29-Jan-15 10:49:26

argghh...he looks awful with just the 'tache

blackheartsgirl Thu 29-Jan-15 11:36:19

I dont fancy him now sad

RunningKatie Thu 29-Jan-15 16:28:07

I am so excited, I'm getting my own sewing machine soon, I love this programme smile

KarinMurphy Sun 08-Feb-15 11:47:30

Oh no! Patrick has shaved his beard. Just the 'tache is not a good look for him.

So what do we think of this series' contestants? I'm rather liking the unflappable army chap and the very tall woman with short grey hair. The producers were clearly hoping that the Romanian lass would be the new Chinelo (sp?) but she's irritating and doesn't seem to have the talent.

lucysmam Sun 08-Feb-15 12:06:17

How did I miss this! Will be kicking the kids out to play and searching iPlayer shortly grin

ZingTheGreat Sun 08-Feb-15 23:24:41

missed it on Thursday, just watching it on Catch up or whatever.

Patrick - oh no he didn't !shock
oh yes he did!!sad
looks dreadful without the beard.

now let's enjoy the programmesmile

Oldraver Fri 13-Feb-15 23:09:52

I finally managed to watch the first one on catch up then fell asleep during the vest task....

lavendersun Sat 14-Feb-15 08:14:08

Me and DD watched both episodes on i player last night at her request, she had heard about it at school. She has been really keen on sewing lately and I bought a foot with a finger guard so that she can use my machine a couple of weeks ago.

I am really fussy when I sew. I know that they are against the clock and all that but there was little I would be happy with if I were doing it.

I thought the cut outs/top stitching on the army man's spotty dress were really badly finished, that the judges missed things on his trousers and that his zip on the dress had a bulge I would do again if I had been sewing them.

I think Lorna is great and love Ryan (is that his name, the 20 year old), I thought his blue dress was much too low cut but then I am old.

SoupDragon Sat 14-Feb-15 08:18:51

There is another thread on this in Telly Addicts in case you think no one is watching smile

With regard to the time limits, I think it's impossibly to achieve perfection when working to the tight deadline. That was Alex's downfall.

lavendersun Sat 14-Feb-15 09:22:26

I wouldn't be able to do it - I couldn't compromise!

But I wouldn't lose my cool like Alex did, she just didn't seem to be able to cope under pressure.

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