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V neck sitting too far over on shoulders...

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lucysmam Thu 22-Jan-15 16:30:51

It's only a dressing up dress for dd2 but I've cut the v toooo wide & it's sitting too far over on her shoulders to the point I'm convinced it'll fall down & irritate her.

Any ideas how to fix it without having to re-do it with less deep a v? I will if it's annoying her once I've finished it (well, done the neckline and finished armholes) but just wondered if anyone had any genius suggestions before I do that?

tia smile

lucysmam Thu 22-Jan-15 19:31:41

Help meeeeee! Pretty please.

I've had a bad sewing day & this is just the icing on the cake confused I didn't realise it sat so far over dd's shoulder until it was too late (didn't do it when I cut it out of calico last week)

snowaccidentprone Thu 22-Jan-15 19:35:12

Sew a strip of fabric into the v to make it narrower ie like an inset?

Or put shoulder pads in the shoulders!

lucysmam Thu 22-Jan-15 19:37:36

ooooh, you may have just solved my problem!! Will give it a go tomorrow if I get it out (have spent all day working on the dress & not actually achieved anything sad )

lucysmam Thu 22-Jan-15 20:02:31

Have been googling, I think an inset piece is possibly the way to go.'s a sleeping beauty dress I'm making & I've yet to figure out the collar piece for it.

So, if I put the inset piece in front & back which will solve the problem of it falling too far over her shoulders, do you reckon attach the collar piece to the inset piece or original dress? confused

lucysmam Thu 22-Jan-15 20:20:36

oooooh, do I need to face the neck if I do an inset piece? I've been battling with the facing all day & couldn't make it sit right sad

lucysmam Thu 22-Jan-15 21:14:18

Thinking about it - actually drawing myself lots of little scribbly pictures of it - I don't need to face the original neckline, do I? Just the new one?

& press the seam where they join towards the waist?

snowaccidentprone Thu 22-Jan-15 22:48:08

Just face the new neckline, not the old one (which will hopefully look like a design feature).

Seams - it doesn't matter whether you press them open or not, as long as you are consistent throughout the garment. Though I usually press my seams open after finishing the edges.

The collar should be attached to the revised neckline.

I think I would try cutting out an inset piece, then tacking it into position, and trying it one, before sewing it in place. Just in case. Nothing worse than having to undo sewn seams (metaphorically).

Hope this helps?

lucysmam Fri 23-Jan-15 08:18:24

Thanks snow, I have loads of scribbly pictures to work from grin I've pressed all the seams so will continue to do so.

I'll cut and tack when dd gets in from school if I get chance. If I use the lighter fabric that I bought for the neckline, it should blend in ok, I think.

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