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Need to redo this whilst ds is asleep what's going wrong??? Plaster of Paris...

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MiscellaneousAssortment Wed 14-Jan-15 23:14:47

So me and ds are going through a truly awful time, and to cheer us up I made a massive effort to do some arty things together.

Except this one is failing and I need to repair it before DS realises and dissolves.

I used this Mr Maker kit, which has plaster of Paris and plastic molds. The plaster as it dries is cracking across the shapes and I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

The molds themselves are pants. Just ordinary plastic packaging as in the rather stiff and brittle stuff used as packaging & normally thrown away. Not flexible in any way. I assumed they'd be one use only or the plaster would need to dry completely before attempting to get it out.

Sooo, can't do much about that. But any tips welcomed.

But is there something I'm doing wrong in mixing the water & plaster together? Is it too thick/ too thin? Can plaster to out of date? What can do I do to stop the crazy paving cracking that is happening?

I'm going to have to try again and only have enough for one more go...

MiscellaneousAssortment Wed 14-Jan-15 23:16:08

Here's the pack I'm using...

BouleSheet Sun 18-Jan-15 23:58:43

Too late for you op but ds and I made these last year and they all broke. One survived until it fell off the fridge on day 2. Luckily a chocolate lolly is all it took to distract ds! Crap quality perhaps?

MiscellaneousAssortment Mon 19-Jan-15 00:43:35

Ah bugger. The other kits have been great.

I love them because it's easier to do a single project and for ds to feel satisfied and proud, but it can be done with a nanny or helper or friend etc, rather than me having to think up an idea then suggest it and explain it, but the materials etc...

Anyway, I redid them making the plaster of Paris much thicker, and they seem to be holding together whilst lying on the side waiting to be painted BUT they feel incredibly fragile. Does plaster of Paris always feel so flakey? I wonder whether buying some FIMO to squish into shapes instead might be better? Or clay so he can still paint them?

WhyNotSmile Mon 19-Jan-15 02:24:41

Rather than Fimo, how about salt dough that you can harden in the oven? Not as long-lasting, but he could paint it. Google should find you the recipe.

HellKitty Mon 19-Jan-15 02:40:56

I always add a dash of fairy liquid to plaster, not too much though.

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