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i-spy quilt sewing bee: Anyone want to fabric swap?

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FannyFanakapan Wed 14-Jan-15 13:06:00

Im planning on making an i-spy quilt for my LOs - sort of like this but not one colour.

Ive got about 20 different suitable fabrics in my stash (probably more if its for a girl as a lot of my stuff is pink) but wandered in anyone fancied a fabric swap?

We could swap 12 x 5" squares (which would make up 3 blocks if you added a flat colour for the little block and white or other colour for sashing.)

I'll be using a disappearing 9 patch to make mine.....

anyone keen?

ZingTheGreat Sun 25-Jan-15 16:15:38

i have tons of fabric, don't want to swap but will be happy to cut right sizes and post to you. as a gift, don't worry about money.

gotta dash, will be back later!

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