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�150 to spend on sewing machine at John Lewis

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rockybalboa Mon 12-Jan-15 13:06:52

I have been given a �150 John Lewis gift card and I would like to spend it on a new sewing machine. I currently use my trusty �49 John Lewis Mini for absolutely everything which includes some light dressmaking, making up the occasional quilt and cushion cover and for craft projects. I think it's a brilliant little machine and it has served me very well indeed. However I am hoping to learn machine embroidery so my new machine needs to have an option to drop the feed dogs. I am not especially bothered about having an array of fancy embroidery stitches as I can't see how I will ever use them. I am also not especially bothered by having things like an automatic needle threading function. I would like the machine to be as easy to use as possible as I am still a bit of a novice to be honest. I have been into JL to talk to the haberdashery department but I would be grateful for any personal recommendations anyone can offer. I could probably stretch to adding �50 of my own money if spending �200 was absolutely essential to get me what I need. And obviously I am stuck with JL because that's where the gift card is for. I am very happy to buy things from them though because of their excellent customer service.

Thanks smile

rockybalboa Mon 12-Jan-15 13:24:43

Sorry, that should say FREEHAND machine embroidery otherwise it sounds like I am contradicting myself!!

Inthedarkaboutfashion Tue 13-Jan-15 11:30:07

If you have a specialist sewing machine shop nearby go and look at some janome machines and see what you like and then buy the closest available in John lewis that fits your budget.
The janome 4618 is currently on special offer (£199) at john lewis and it has an automatic drop feed for quilting and embroidery.
I have a singer machine (most people don't like modern singers but I love mine) and it doesn't have feed dogs which drop but does have a cover which sits over the feed dogs for quilting and embroidery. So check on the machines that don't have drop feeds whether there is a cover for the feed dogs.
You should be able to get a reasonably decent machine for £150-£200.

MothershipG Tue 13-Jan-15 11:35:55

I second Inthedarks recommendation, I've had a couple of Janomes and been very happy with them, good solid machines and I'm a quilter so I do challenge them.

I do free motion quilting and have achieved good results with my Janome. A tip I read was that if you don't bother lowering the feed dogs but set the stitch length to zero you sometimes get a better tension when free motioning.

EATmum Sat 24-Jan-15 07:33:00

Did you get a lovely new machine OP? Just coming on to say that I had great service from JL when I bought my machine last summer (including free intro lesson for the machine I bought) and I'm v happy with my machine - for dressmaking rather than embroidery though .

sleepdodger Sun 25-Jan-15 00:03:41

I went for singer tradition about 130 ish
Can handle heavier fabrics and a few more stitch settings

rockybalboa Sun 25-Jan-15 07:30:30

No, I haven't yet. We've been tied up with deciding to move house but I must get down there before we move and get it sorted.

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