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Dressmakers, opinions needed please.

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lucysmam Sun 11-Jan-15 21:45:50

I'm making Elsa I've finally got my act together.

My question is, is an 18" opening toooo long for a velcro fastening at the top? I want the girls to be able to get them on and off without having to pester me for help, as much as possible.

The pattern calls for an 18" zip for my older dd's size and a 14" zip for dd2's size but I can see me being needed quite a bit the way they chop and change outfits (dd2 was Belle, Anna and then Elsa within half an hour today grin )

StainlessSteelCat Mon 12-Jan-15 11:31:53

I think 18" gap will gape. Maybe extra velcro? Perhaps 3 in total on the longer gap (none at bottom, square every 6" ending at top) and just 2 on the shorter (again, none at bottom, one in middle, one at top). AM basing this on shop bought costumes. You still get asked to do them up, but they can undo them themselves. And long hair doesn't get caught in the zip.

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