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What stretch knit fabric should I order for sleeves for an Elsa dress, please!?

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lucysmam Wed 07-Jan-15 18:20:22

It calls for a stretch knit - I have some net that dp's aunty bought me for something else (it only stretches sideways - not up & down) that I think might work but have no idea what it's called to google to look it up.


(I'm finally ready to order everything I think after weeks of planning - just the sleeves/bodice top I'm not sure what to get to use for confused )

tyvm for any help (again) smile

lucysmam Thu 08-Jan-15 19:20:37

On second thoughts (after trying it for a dolly Elsa), the net is a bad BAD idea!!

Any other suggestions?

I've been looking at spandex for the shininess but not sure confused

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