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sewing machine advice! fix or buy new???

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Paleodad Sun 04-Jan-15 11:29:34

so, we have a Brother LS2125 purchased in Italy a few years back that has never really been 'right', and now is completely unusable and needs servicing and/or fixing. The nearest in our area will charge around £55 for service and £65+ for fixing plus parts,a fair bit considering the machine only cost around 100 euros to start with!
As you might guess, we are pretty clueless, and so our dilemma is that we have seen the Ikea machine for £45 that seems (from reviews) to do all the basic stuff we need. so, wise sewers and crafters, do we ditch the Brother and buy new, or is the Brother a better machine overall that is worth spending out on?

frenchfancy Sun 04-Jan-15 20:16:30

Ditch it and buy new. If it has never been right it never will be. It will just frustrate you. I repaired my singer last year for about £80 and then 3 weeks later it went wrong again. I replaced it and have never looked back.

I can't vouch for the Ikea machine, but amazon have a janome machine for £125 which looks great.

lucysmam Mon 05-Jan-15 09:47:24

I'd ditch and buy new as well. I had a machine that was never quite right but persevered with it & in the end packed in sewing because it was so frustrating.

I replaced it with a £25 from Netto (about 8years ago) machine to use for repairs/alterations and have only just started sewing again properly.

I'd like to upgrade it to a slightly better one soon so will hang about & see if anyone has an opinion on the Ikea one, I didn't know they did one & the £45 sounds more my current budget than anything else I've looked at smile

Paleodad Mon 05-Jan-15 15:45:03

We ditched and bought the Ikea one. unpacked it yesterday and it all looks good, I'll let you know how it goes/sews!!

lucysmam Mon 05-Jan-15 16:10:59

Please do! smile

OneThenTwo Thu 08-Jan-15 13:17:19

I agree, replace it. Without a machine you enjoy sewing will always go to the bottom of the to-do list and take longer than it should. I'm a huge Janome fan too and can recommend. I have the same dilemma with an overlocker I yearned for for years. Have had it a couple of years now, hardly used it as it just is a pain to thread, and now having paid £100 to get it serviced it is back to unthreading every time I use it again. Going back to french-seams I think!

elQuintoConyo Thu 08-Jan-15 13:30:11

My Alfa is 5/6 years old and has just started jamming we're jamming, I hope you like jamming too grin I changed the tension on the actual bobbin (frather than just the machine, iyswim), and got halfway round a reeeeaaaallllly big tablecloth for the Christmas table when... it jammed again, and hasn't been right since. Had to finish the tablecloth by hand, Christmas Eve night, yeah that was fun hmm

I am tempted to replace it and am tempted by the Ikea machine. I sew a lot, mostly housey things and toys/dressing up clothes for DS, really not sure if the Ikea machine would be up to it. So, if anyone has one, please let me -us smile know what it's like, pretty please!

lucysmam Thu 08-Jan-15 13:33:20

I mostly do dressing up stuff for the girls and repairs elQuinto, I don't think the ikea one is much different to the one I have - but it has a zipper foot, that would be a bonus for me!

I was looking at the John Lewis ones for £ comes in a fetching shade of plum that I quite liked (but would take more saving up for sad )

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