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Ripple help!

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ilovetosleep Fri 02-Jan-15 21:45:58

I am having a nightmare with this! I did a few tests, and was going just fine. It's my first proper crochet project, a ripple cushion cover.

I have agonised over the foundation row and thought I had it cracked. Just turned to do my second row and I seem to have too many stitches and am out of kilter when I get to my first mountain (I guess the number of chains mean I come to a mountain first instead of a valley like Lucy, but should that make a difference?)

Anyway I have checked and checked again - at the end of my first row I have 2tr twice, followed by 4 trebles, followed by 2tr into the last chain. When I turn to start the next row I chain 3 then tr into the same stitch (following the attic24 pics). BUT Then I seem to have 6 stitches until I get to the bit where I think I should 2tr twice? How is that possible? When I do the 4 tr as the pattern says, I am 2 or maybe even 3 stitches away from the mountain lining up.

It's driving me insane especially as I have a rare night in to myself and hoped to get at least to the first colour change sad


ilovetosleep Fri 02-Jan-15 21:59:21

aaaah I think I've figured it out - is this right? The 'chain 3 then tr into the same stitch' bit is the equivalent of half a mountain, right? So I should be recreating half a valley here instead, seeing as my first ripple bit is a mountain? So I should be doing a 2trtog instead, both at the end of row 1 and at the beginning of row 2? Is that even possible or should I start from scratch?

PollyannaWhittier Fri 02-Jan-15 22:00:57

how many chains have you started with ? Your starting chain should be a multiple of 14, +3 (ie number of chains = 14n + 3) With my ripple cushion cover, I have a 'valley' at the end of each row, not a 'mountain', so the last few stitches are tr2tog twice, 4 tr, 2tr into last stitch. does that help ?

ilovetosleep Fri 02-Jan-15 22:38:11

I started with 87. Which is clearly my mistake. Whoops. So What I've done is undone the last 6 stitches of my first row, turned and started my second row and its worked out fine but now I have a silly little tail of 6 chains hangning off the beginning of my work! Nevermind... At least its a cushion cover so I can sew it inside!

Anyway I have rippled my second row and I'm hooked! Thanks for the reply polly

SoupDragon Fri 02-Jan-15 22:47:44

You can just undo those 6 unused chains and dRn the end in.

PollyannaWhittier Fri 02-Jan-15 22:53:29

Sounds good smile I've been trying to work out whether you could do the half valley thing, but I just got completely confused ! When I made mine I made a chain the width of the cushion, then had to take some off to get the right number of stitches which meant it ended up slightly too narrow for the cushion, so I crocheted a border and just added more rounds until it was big enough. That might be something you could try if it's now too small ? Anyway, happy hooking !

ilovetosleep Fri 02-Jan-15 22:59:50

Thank you,I think it is a little big if anything do no probs there. Good to know for future I'm better off with extra chains than not enough!
Had to go feed baby and going to bed now but cant wait to carry on tomorrow! When I start a new project (usually I knit) I can't sleep as I keep thinking about it!

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