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can I teach myself how to sew? or do I need to go on a course?

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freshlysharpenedpencils Thu 04-Dec-14 11:31:49

I would love to start sewing - I have seen some courses advertised that are quite pricey. Do I need to do a course or is it possible to teach myself?

If it is possible to teach myself could you recommend any books? Or generally any advice.


MinniesMate Thu 04-Dec-14 16:03:14

My DD taught herself to sew and now has a small business making children's clothes. She started sewing only two years ago.

Youtube is very useful, some great tutorials. I'd master the basics and only do a course when you want to improve.

dawntigga Wed 10-Dec-14 19:06:48

If you live in Cheshire and have time during the day I'll teach you. For free, I'm exceedingly bored and need to be kick started into doing something.

I'd look at college courses they are usually reasonably priced.

I teach a corset course occasionally at the local college - we won't have you corseting to start with grin


cate16 Wed 10-Dec-14 21:55:36

I wouldn't bother with the trendy type books like the Sewing Bee.

Look out for an old one in charity shop, I have one from the 60s-70s and it is so much clear and easier to follow.

EATmum Wed 10-Dec-14 23:28:56

About a year ago, I bought the most 'simple' skirt pattern I could find and some lovely fabric (on the basis that even if the skirt was badly made, hopefully people would all comment on the fabric - this has definitely been a good choice!) That first skirt took me ages, because I had to look up all the terminology and work things out - but with the internet that's relatively easy, just time consuming. Now I'm still relying on good distracting fabric, but quicker - I'll never be an expert, but really enjoy the challenge of putting things together and seeing clothing for me or my DDs come to life. Just go for it!
[Having said that, I'd love to do a course now ...] Good luck

Firedemon Wed 10-Dec-14 23:38:21

You can absolutely teach yourself with some time and lots of internet tutorials BUT it will be a much simpler, easier and quicker process being shown by a real human!

I'd go for a basic beginners class to start (in an area that interests you eg don't do a soft furnishings class if you want to learn how to make clothes) and then try and branch out by yourself if you feel confident. smile

freshlysharpenedpencils Thu 11-Dec-14 10:04:54

thanks all - wish I lived in Cheshire - but no - I live in Leeds. I think a course might be the way to go...

FelixFelixNavidad Thu 11-Dec-14 10:10:21

I'm not sure if they still do it, but there's a shop called 'Fabrication' in The Light in Leeds who do day courses on various sewing/crafts techniques which look great. It's worth googling! Sorry I can't link as I'm on the app. Leeds College of Art also do short courses but I'm not sure exactly what the subject is. If you're not tied to only doing classes in the evening/weekend due to work, there's a few day time courses run by the colleges. I think the Cardigan Centre in Hyde Park have a few sewing classes if you can do some in the day. It was a couple of years ago that I looked in to it but I remember they did a good variation of courses so I'm assuming they still do them smile

FelixFelixNavidad Thu 11-Dec-14 10:19:46

Forgot to say look on as it lists all courses in the area.

freshlysharpenedpencils Thu 11-Dec-14 12:28:27

thanks so much! very helpful x

MinniesMate Thu 11-Dec-14 15:13:44

Yorkshire School of Sewing do courses in Roundhay. Have a look at their website.

cate16 Thu 11-Dec-14 16:47:44

You're nowhere near me either as I'd happily give you some free lessons. It's something I'm considering doing in the new year- and I need to do some guinea pig lessons to trail them. smile

willotess Sun 14-Dec-14 10:23:23

As a sewing teacher I would
definitely say try a course. You can follow a YouTube video but the tutor is not there to help if the machine has a wobbler or if you make a bad mistake! Too many mistakes can be expensive, so to pay for lessons can be cost effective in the long run.
Besides, it is fun learning with others Class members enthuse and encourage each other - you'll be surprised and amazed with your outcomes!

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