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Knitting pattern help needed.

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Nothernexposure Mon 01-Dec-14 12:18:39

Hoping some wise knitters can help me with some pattern instructions. I'm knitting pattern 1472 (girls shawl cardigan) from the Sirdar snuggly winter knits book if anyone knows it! It's the shawl part of the collar that's causing me problems. The instuctions are:-

108 sts on row from base of cardi to middle of collar, the rib row below starts from base of cardi.

k2, p2, rep from to end. This row sets rib.

1st row. Rib 20 , wrap 1, turn

2nd and every alt row. Rib to end

3rd row. Rib 22, wrap 1, turn

5th Row. Rib 24, wrap 1, turn

6th row. Rib to end.

Work 8 rows more working 2 sts more into each wrap row, turn.

Work 12 rows more working 3 sts more into each wrap row, turn.

What I'm stuck with is, do I need to pick up and knit the wrap 'bit' into the 20/22/24th st for rows 1, 3 and 5?

Also, when it gets to the work 8/12 more rows working in extra stitches, do i work this in from the wrap bit, or do I just work them in at the end of the row? I also presume I'm going to have to increase in rib to fit in with the rest of the rib pattern? So if I'm not using the wrap bit would I make make the additional stitches by doing a 'double knit' into 3 stitches, or would I use the 'bit' inbetween the stitches to increase???

Thanks for any help, I'm very confused and have already restarted this 4 times so am getting desperate!

TheWoollybacksWife Mon 01-Dec-14 15:07:54

I've just done a shawl collar cardigan with similar "wrap" instructions. You rib the required number of stitches then slip the next stitch onto your right hand needle (assuming you are right handed). Take your yarn round to the other side of the work. (If your last stitch was a knit then bring it to the purl side and vice versa). Then turn your work so that the stitches you have just worked are now on your left hand needle. Slip the first stitch back onto your right hand needle and take the yarn round to the other side of your work reading to begin ribbing.

This has wrapped the yarn around the last stitch without you actually knitting or purling it. (You slipped it twice). This has the effect of not forming a hole when you turn your work.

Nothernexposure Mon 01-Dec-14 15:44:03

Hi Wolly

Thanks for this. My problem is when I've done this before I've been told that you need to pick up the 'wrapped' st and knit it into the existing stitches, otherwise you end up with a lumpy bit (so technical I know!). Did you do this or did you just knit normally (and not get lumpy bits!)? Also did you have to increase sts in your wrap rows, if you did how did you do this??


TheWoollybacksWife Mon 01-Dec-14 17:50:17

I didn't have to work the wrapped stitch into the normal stitches. I didn't get a lumpy bit, although I was working with Snowflake Chunky which is very forgiving in terms of hiding anything!

The way I read it is that for row 7 you will rib 26, wrap and turn.
Row 8 rib to end
Row 9 rib 28, wrap and turn.
Row 10 rib to end
Row 11 rib 30, wrap and turn
Row 12 rib to end
Row 13 rib 32, wrap and turn.
Row 14 rib to end

These complete the part of the pattern that says "Work 8 rows more working 2 stitches into each wrap row." (You are working two stitches further along the collar with each row)

Row 15 rib 35, wrap and turn.
Row 16 rib to end
Row 17 rib 38, wrap and turn.
Row 18 rib to end
Row 19 rib 41, wrap and turn.
Row 20 rib to end
Row 21 rib 44, wrap and turn.
Row 22 rib to end
Row 23 rib 47, wrap and turn
Row 24 rib to end
Row 25 rib 50, wrap and turn.
Row 26 rib to end

These complete the rows that say to work 3 extra stitches in each wrap row for the next 12 rows. (You are working 3 extra stitches along the collar with each row).

What you end up with is one side of the collar is wider than the other. sort of triangle or fan shaped.

Does that help or have I confused you further? I am going to my local wool shop on Wednesday so I could check the pattern in person then if you are still unsure.

Nothernexposure Tue 02-Dec-14 12:22:39

Doh!!!! That makes so much more sense! Thank you. I have no idea what I would have ended up with if I'd tried to increase by 26 stitches at each collar end! Thanks again.

TheWoollybacksWife Sat 06-Dec-14 11:25:02

How did it go Northern? Have you finished the collar?

nothernexposure Sat 10-Jan-15 22:52:32

Sorry, just seen your reply woolly (while checking my next knitting query, I really ought to be able to read instructions by now....). Yes thanks, I sorted it and the finished article looked pretty good! Not surprisingly the 1 year old wasn't too impressed but her parents liked it so job done. Thanks for the help.

Lisaroxy23 Thu 21-Sep-17 12:24:51

Please can someone help me with this knitting pattern, I'm making mouse 🐭 slippers in the pattern I have to divide the stitches for opening I'm going to give you the pattern from start of opening: next row: k6 cast/bind off 4 sts, k6. Cont on last 6 sts until measures 10 cms. Break off c. With right side facing C1 to remaining sts and purl to end. Cont on these 6 sts until opening measures 10 cms ending with a purl row. Next row: k6, turn, cast on 4 sts, turn, k6 =16 sts. Cont until slipper upper measures 23cms. This last row is what I'm stuck on. I've got 6 sts on stich holder & the other 6 on needle. Please help. Lisa

uglyswan Fri 22-Sep-17 21:23:58

Hi Lisa, you've divided the stitches to create an opening and now you want to close the gap up again. So you knit 6 st from the needle, turn as if you were going to purl back, cast on 4 stitches, turn again (to knit) and knit the six remaining stitches from your stitch holder. Now you should have a continuous row of the first 6 stitches, 4 co stitches, 6 other stitches. Is that any clearer?

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