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Christmas snood for DH help

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oolaroola Thu 27-Nov-14 18:22:47

My DH would like some kind of snood thing for Christmas. I recently started learning to crochet and would like to make him one.
Can anyone point me in the right direction for a good men's pattern? Don't think the lovely granny stitch one that I like would cut it with him.
Also quite baffled about all the different yarns there are. I was thinking of making it in a nice brown or grey and wanted something lovely and soft, not scratchy but washable.
Any pointers would be so welcome.....

Ingles2 Thu 27-Nov-14 18:31:52

Hi oola.. Have you had a look on ravelry? There are tons of free patterns on there..
on a quick look, this is a nice pattern and it uses Debbie Bliss paloma which is a gorgeous soft braided alpaca at £6.95 (I own a yarn shop hence knowing the yarn smile
also Purl bee have a gorgeous pattern which is easy and good for men
I have hooked this using Rowan Cocoon which is similar, but obviously you can use what you like.. good luck.. just remember both patterns use US terms :D

oolaroola Thu 27-Nov-14 19:20:55

Thankyou very much Ingles, both of those look fab and the second one looks pretty easy even for a beginner like me.

Am a bit nervous of using such lovely wool, have only been using cheap acrylic up til now.
What a lovely job, I can't go in the haberdashery/market now without eying up all the beautiful yarns and colours. You must have a lot of projects on the go.
Am intending to learn to knit next too, although I musst get the hang of crocheting in the round, I'm terrible at it so far - think I need some proper stitch marker jobbies!

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