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Still soft salt dough

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DaffodilField Mon 24-Nov-14 23:26:33

After three hours in oven at 100 degrees the back of the salt dough decorations are still wet despite being turned over after two hours. I am not comfortable leaving oven on over night so turned off now. Can I just put them back in tomorrow or will they harden by themselves? Too is totally hard. Is just the back that is soft.

FruitBasedDrinkForALady Mon 24-Nov-14 23:41:27

I'd leave them in the oven overnight as it cools, surely they'll be done by morning?

winterland Tue 25-Nov-14 03:51:50

It took a good 3 hours for mine to go hard wink

GreenEyedMonster14 Tue 25-Nov-14 10:16:02

I did mine in the microwave.

LizzieMint Tue 25-Nov-14 16:09:19

Microwave them - do it on high but in short bursts otherwise it'll burn.
I usually then stick mine in the airing cupboard for a day or two afterwards just to really dry them completely.

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