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Choir Robes Pattern

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berceuse Thu 20-Nov-14 19:17:45

I have been asked to make robes for two young choristers (probably sized for age 10-11 and slightly bigger). They are really expensive to buy as in £80-90 a set.

Has anyone done this? There seems to be a couple of different patterns available but I need to make traditional (C of E church) style robes and surplice rather than anything else - the patterns I have seen are not really what I need.

There are a couple of really old patterns I have found - McCalls 689 being one of them but they don't seem to be available (1930's).

I could probably make one up but could imagine it going horribly wrong with all that fabric.

Any ideas gratefully received!

nickelbabe Fri 21-Nov-14 13:07:23

They are really hard to do.
Your best bet is to use an overcoat pattern and just make it ankle length.

A slim-fit overcoat, rather than a bulky one.
Or a dressing gown with a high neck.

However, really, truly and honestly, take one of the existing garments and draw round it.
The surplice is dead easy - it's just a poncho pattern with sleeves instead - you could do it by making a smock style top using circles.
It's the length that matters, rather than the width.

Your next problem, though, is the fabric - you might find that the fabric makes it really expensive, because you can't really get away with cheap fabric - it has to be the right fabric and the same colour.

found this one etsy - but the neckline is too complicated - ditch that and do a plain round neck.

this is a good one from etsy
(but it's only the surplice)
another surplice on etsy

this dressing gown pattern would also work

would work

(if you're using adult patterns, then check the height)

nickelbabe Fri 21-Nov-14 13:10:59

this is good - the one in the middle

berceuse Fri 21-Nov-14 14:28:33

Thank you nickel, that is really helpful. I had found that surplice pattern once before but couldn't find it again. I can see this is going to end up costing me quite a bit. I had thought of doing it as a favour - I mean nil cost to anyone but it looks like I might end up spending £50 easily will probably still end up doing it for free.

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