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Florist/Bridal Room Decor Organza Rolls - Good Supplier Please ??

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RockinHippy Thu 20-Nov-14 13:39:17

This is the stuff that comes in an array of colours, usually 29cm ish wide on 25mt rolls. Sometimes called "sugar puff organza"

I'm looking for a reliable & cheap website to buy a decent quality one from, I have a local Fabricland, who do sell it, but it's only 10m rolls & colours are very limited & I need different colours to what they have - googling throws up a lot of choice, but I gave no idea if it's any good, or if the site is

I'm hoping one of you lovely people can recommend somewhere

Thank you flowers

Trumpton Thu 20-Nov-14 13:48:58

Have you looked at Abakhan ?

RockinHippy Thu 20-Nov-14 14:20:39

THank you Trumptom - I had forgotten about that site, but having looked via your link, it's looking very expensive - Fabricland 10m rolls are £2.70 per roll - I'm seeing others at £4.99 for 25m rolls, so it's more than I can pay as I want to by quite a lot in different colours - thank you for trying though smile

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