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making a bolster type thing - help please

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manechanger Tue 18-Nov-14 22:00:10

i need to make a bolster type thing which needs to be 40 cm high and 80cm long. I am making the bottom ball of an olaf costume and will sew the bolster round a type of dress I have made already. Obviously cos it has to look like a snowball it needs to be quite rounded so how much material do you think I need to make it forty cm high???

I am planning to make it about 90 cm long and was thinking I could do it 90cm for height as well and sew it into a cylinder with a sewn up end ready to stuff with an old duvet. do you think that sounds about right or do you think it needs more height to acheive 40cm high ball?

Thanks in advance for any answers I might get. I'm not even worrying about the second ball/shoe covers/or hat at present. one problem at a time!

mineofuselessinformation Tue 18-Nov-14 22:15:00

About 130 cm 'width' of fabric (made up edge to edge) would give you a semi-circular profile. You could go with a bit less but 90 cm might be a bit flat....
But admittedly I've never tried it!smile

manechanger Tue 18-Nov-14 22:22:54

oh briliant. your name is so right. I actually realised what time it is and how little I have left so I did it anyway and decided to use the width of the fabric which is about 140 or so. with a metre long to go round his body. we shall see. it will look particularly home made anyway so i dont think it will win any prizes. thank you veyr much for your answer so late at night.

mineofuselessinformation Tue 18-Nov-14 22:38:42

Good luck. smile

manechanger Tue 18-Nov-14 22:46:45

cheers. will stick a pic on profile if not too shameful

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