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Anyone do craft fairs? Help.

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Electriclaundryland Wed 05-Nov-14 08:01:44

I'm doing one in a couple of weeks and was wondering if anyone had tips on how to take non cash payments without a card terminal. Some of my stuff is relatively expensive as its handmade silver. Is the Etsy app any good?

JamNanFawkes Wed 05-Nov-14 10:18:49

Does the venue have a card terminal? What about PayPal?
Sorry can't help on the Etsy app.

trice Wed 05-Nov-14 10:23:19

If you have wifi then paypal is the answer.

Electriclaundryland Wed 05-Nov-14 16:10:24

Thanks. Will try Paypal if I can get a signal, otherwise will have to do commissions or something.

firesidechat Fri 07-Nov-14 11:12:00

I've taken cheques with no problems before, but I suppose it depends on how much money we are talking about.

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