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Frozen Anna Coronation Dress

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lavendersun Sun 02-Nov-14 16:56:05

My daughter has asked for a dress, since she never asks for anything I thought I could make one from really nice fabrics and give it to her at Christmas.

I don't think I need a pattern as it looks like a fairly simple bodice and I have a costume pattern with a bodice I could use. I would like to make the skirt like the one on this:

Any ideas where I could get the right sort of fabric for the patterned bit on the skirt or a nice braid. I was thinking of sewing beads and sequins on the bodice to get the pattern but wouldn't have the time/patience for that on the panels.

ClawHandsIfYouBelieveInFreaks Mon 03-Nov-14 11:53:05

That fabric looks hand painted. Could you do that? I think it will be tough to find the exact same one...or even a close match in those colours.

lavendersun Mon 03-Nov-14 15:53:57

Thanks, I did find something on e-bay in the curtain section! But apparently I have got it wrong and my daughter wants the blue dress. Much easier.

I think that pattern is hand painted, not sure I would want to do that perfectionist streak is not a good thing.

lucysmam Mon 03-Nov-14 23:10:45

I'm currently making those dresses for my two...have hand stencilled the graduated pattern on the light panels, took a good while but the results are good!

The blue dress is going to be my next project, are you buying a pattern or just making it up as you go along?

lavendersun Tue 04-Nov-14 05:53:02

I am going to buy a pattern for that one, probably this one as it has so many different sizes:

Trouble is my daughter is quite discerning fussy, doesn't want sequins on the bodice, nothing too sparkly on the outside, etc., etc.. Challenging!

lucysmam Tue 04-Nov-14 09:37:05

I've been looking at that one too. Need an adult 8 or small for my oldest. I have visions of my youngest moaning though because the child's one is different.

My two will go all out on the sparkly stuff. Not sure where to go material shopping though, local market is bare of fabric stalls these days sad & I'm a bit overwhelmed by the choice of online sellers confused

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