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Easy Christmas cards to make

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superbagpuss Fri 24-Oct-14 12:46:40


Last year I made cards with my DC but they were very free form splodges

This year I would like to make christmas cards but more targeted - so using hand prints or fingers.

DC are 5 but I have no art/craft skills at all so need really easy instructions to follow

Any ideas?

chocoluvva Fri 24-Oct-14 19:40:27

Snowmen made with two thumb/fingerprints in white paint on a dark background. Add colourful scarves cut out of anything you like and cheerful carrot noses, hats etc.?

superbagpuss Fri 24-Oct-14 20:08:39

that sounds idea, so I need to make sure I have black card, white paper and cut out scarfs/ hats etc?

I guess glitter is always welcome?

I really am a waste of white paper blush

Loveleopardprint Fri 24-Oct-14 20:14:44

Brown hand print with a red finger print to make jolly robins.

TheannamoLeelu Fri 24-Oct-14 20:17:36

Go on pintrest and search homemade christmas cards, there are some cool ideas on there...

RockinHippy Tue 28-Oct-14 13:29:02

Make some simple stencils, such as a tree bauble or Xmas tree shape - you can buy stencils in art shops too, but they tend to be a bit more elaborate

Hang up a long length of cotton thread somewhere & secure it, this is to hang your cards out to dry.

Mix up some PVA with a bit of water to make it a bit sloppier- not too much though

Fill the bottom of old ice cream tubs with glitters

Get the kids to paint glue through the stencil holes onto the card & then dip & press the image into the glitter- shake off the excess over the tub, let dry & then using a stronger glue, add things like sequins as baubles to the tree & a little felt square as a pot - a bow on top of the baubles etc

We did these at a similar age & they are fun to do, very simple, look very effective & everyone loved them


Germgirl Tue 28-Oct-14 13:31:35

Search 'fingerprint reindeer'. They're so. cute. I'm hoping I can persuade 8 year old DSD to make these this year.

SarahCraine Wed 29-Oct-14 03:23:04

I was interested to create Christmas cards too, and started to search for a pattern design or anything helpful. And luckily, Ive found these collections . I first tried only 1 card. But since it's very easy to make the designs (like 10 minutes), I've finished one for each member in the family.

I hope you can find this helpful too.

superbagpuss Wed 29-Oct-14 07:02:55

thanks all

I'm inspired to give it a go, even if its a disaster

superbagpuss Thu 30-Oct-14 17:13:21

i have learned two things today

I cannot issue simple instructions

my DC cannot follow my instructions

we have ended up with a herd of reindeer and a congo line of snowmen

foslady Sun 02-Nov-14 16:25:14

Was going to suggest spud print reindeer faces bit I see you're sorted !

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