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What paint/pens for birch plywood???

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familyfortunes Wed 23-Apr-14 22:20:25

I want to get creative and have an idea around painting on pre-cut wooden shapes.
I'm really just wondering what type of paint would be best or are there pens you can use for a neater finish?
Getting my maternity leave daydreaming head on already... smile

AbsentFromTheOssuary Thu 24-Apr-14 16:43:02

Acrylic paints are great on wood (and walls etc. as it basically dries to a plastic finish). Use a clear varnish on afterwards to seal it in.

I sanded down some wooden toys for a friend and painted the animals back on in acrylic. Used the varnish (2 coats of Ronseal) and they are as fresh now as two years a go despite being played with. Did the same for a chair for a nursery and it has lasted well too.

familyfortunes Thu 24-Apr-14 22:07:46

Thanks @absent appreciate your reply :-)

HappydaysArehere Thu 24-Apr-14 23:41:53

Yes, agree acrylic paints are the best option. They can be painted over if you change your mind in mid creativity. There is a firm called Cass Art who have shops in London and now do on line art and craft goods. You can't beat them for price and they only sell good makes. They do for example Liquitex basics (48 tubes) for a reasonable price. Or winsor and newton etc. it is helpful to get a couple of brushes intended for acrylic paint and what ever you do DO NOT let acrylic dry on your brushes. Keep them in water if you stop work. After make sure you have washed the paint out. Brushes are expensive and acrylic is hard on them. Good luck. Painting is a lovely hobby and very theraputic.

familyfortunes Fri 25-Apr-14 07:09:44

Thank you happydays!

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