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Rainbow wool colours

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notasausage Mon 21-Apr-14 10:00:18

I'm a relative novice and have only used stylecraft Attic24 pack so far. I want to do a rainbow stripe blanket but don't think the stylecraft colours really lend themselves to this. I'm looking for something soft and washable. Would pay a bit more per ball than stylecraft to get something nice.

Advice on how many balls I would need for a granny stripe about the size of a single duvet would also be great.


Lonecatwithkitten Mon 21-Apr-14 19:25:04

I made a single bed sized ripple with Debbie Bliss baby cashmerio it is lovely and soft, but it took 29 balls and can't even bring myself to type the price even with the wool on special offer and a discount code.
IME one of the benefits of Stylecraft is that you get a big length of yarn for the weight.

notasausage Tue 22-Apr-14 11:37:31

Thanks for that. I have ordered a selection of stylecraft colours with the help of a colour wheel I found on the internet. I wish someone would sell a rainbow pack rather than just the Attic24 pack. I'm not at all confident of colour combinations so am keeping my fingers crossed that they look OK.

Lonecatwithkitten Tue 22-Apr-14 13:05:00

Various companies do do other packs the homemakery would be one and sconch textiles I think also do other packs.

TheWoollybacksWife Tue 22-Apr-14 13:26:16

This is my rainbow blanket made with Stylecraft special DK. I used
Red - Matador
Orange - Jaffa
Yellow - Citron
Green - Meadow
Blue - Cloud Blue
Indigo - Emperor
Violet - Lavender

Taken on their own both Citron and Jaffa can be seen from space grin but they worked well with the other colours.

I think I used 2 100g balls of red, orange, yellow, green and blue and 3 balls of indigo and violet.

Kveta Wed 23-Apr-14 13:56:39

Sconch do different colour packs of stylecraft

IDugUpADiamond Thu 24-Apr-14 09:22:30

Lovely blanket TheWoolly. Stylecraft's Jaffa is shocking isn't it?

u32ng Thu 01-May-14 06:51:18

Haha! I literally had a big bag of Stylecraft wool arrive yesterday which included Jaffa and yes it is ORANGE isn't it?!

BasketzatDawn Thu 01-May-14 20:39:30

Rowan Handknit Cotton has a nice colour range IMO, and is soft to use - a few good bargains if you shop around online. It's quite heavy but has good stitch definition. I like it anyway wink.

nearlyreadytopop Thu 01-May-14 21:04:48

are you on Facebook? A lovely lady runs a page called My Craft Life. She is awesome at putting colours together and sells packs. Also good advice.

BasketzatDawn Fri 02-May-14 15:30:34

I forgot to say last night - for a very good range of colours and content at very good prices see Drops yarns. They are available at Wool Warehouse. I've been very impressed by quality so far - only used sock yarn and Merino DK though. You should a have a look at the website. And you can usually find a 10% off voucher in most knitting mags at present for further discount.

BasketzatDawn Fri 02-May-14 15:31:55

I also find the colour reproduction on Wool Warehouse website is pretty okay.

Spiritedwolf Sun 04-May-14 10:58:37

I know its not exactly what you are asking for, but I've just added Stylecraft Merry Go Round Rainbow 3142 to my wishlist.

I love the look of the Rowan yarns, but I'm not sure about what the different ranges are used for pattern wise (I'm a beginner who has only used acrylic DK and 4ply). What sort of patterns is handknit cotton used for Basketz as opposed to cotton glace, soft knit cotton etc How do you begin to choose which range to go for?

Will they either be suitable for DK Patterns or 4 ply ones or something different entirely? I'd like to start working with wool and cotton yarns but I don't really know where to start

BasketzatDawn Sun 04-May-14 20:48:18

I think Cotton Glace is more like 4-ply. HK Cotton is 100% cotton: I think soft knit cotton has a mix of 'nylon' and cotton. not sure, as I've not used the last one at all.

If I'm not sure I sometimes use a website like Deramores or Laughing Hen, and put in the yarn I'm thinking of - they then give you the spec (weight, content, metreage, etc) and often suitable patterns will be shown too.

I've just done a cushion cover in HK Cotton. It's quite heavy DK and being pure cotton is quite a solid yarn, but the stitch definition is good, I think. I find a lot of it is trial and error TBH. It's rare for me to use the actual yarn in a pattern but I try to use something of similar weight and content. A lot of the new yarns I've tried have been out of the bargain basket in a shop. I do have a large stash. [blush

BasketzatDawn Sun 04-May-14 20:49:53

blush and again blush due to careless editing.

notasausage Sun 11-May-14 07:28:32

Thanks all. Have made a start in stylecraft DK and will post a pic soon with a colour list.

notasausage Wed 14-May-14 13:40:35

This is the first run through of all the colours and from the top they are Stylecraft Special DK
Violet, Lavendar, Aster, Turquoise, Aspen, Green, Meadow, Citroen, Sunshine, Spice, Lipstick, Fondant, Raspberry and Plum.

Not sure I like the Green or Lipstick but there were few other options available in similar colours and they should be OK after a few repeats.

tutu100 Wed 14-May-14 22:04:45

That looks beautiful. Can you put a picture up of the finished blanket once you are done please as I'm sure it will look amazing.

mumtobetothree Wed 25-Jun-14 02:33:45

Do you mean something like these colours?

Marcipex Thu 26-Jun-14 21:55:24

Lovely colours mumtobetothree
What yarn is that?

mumtobetothree Thu 26-Jun-14 23:07:18

All stylecraft special dk Marcipex

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