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Colouring brown eggs with natural colours?

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inkstainedwretch Fri 18-Apr-14 23:16:07

In previous Easters I have coloured white eggs using natural colours such as beetroot juice, strong tea, and turmeric. However, where I live now I've been unable to find white eggs, only brown ones. Has anyone tried colouring brown eggs with natural colours? If so, did it work?

antimatter Fri 18-Apr-14 23:26:28

Onion dry peels for brown
Beetroot for reddish
young shoots of oats for greenish

antimatter Fri 18-Apr-14 23:35:12

tumeric for yellow

inkstainedwretch Fri 18-Apr-14 23:56:24

So, it works on brown eggs?

antimatter Sat 19-Apr-14 00:19:46

You need to have eggs which have preferably shells as light as possible.
Boil water. Add the leaves or whathever you choose and a 1 tbcp of vinegar. Don't crowd eggs in the pan. Boil for around 15 min and let them cool in the water.
Be v.gentle when taking them out of pan. Surface us covered with colouring as acid vinager melts slightly surface of shells. I found it is very easy to disturb it as it's not dry.
Use fork perhaps and dry on a rack.

If you were colouring them without acidity of vinegar you don't have to worry about spoiling it.

So use most brown eggs for onion colouring. Lightest for tumeric.
It won't be very bright but colourful none the less.

GiraffesCantDoMentalArithmetic Sat 19-Apr-14 00:20:17

I get white eggs from Ocado - they're by Clarence a court in a blue box. Really orange yokes too. The shells have a very faint bluey greeney tint.

Give it a go with brown eggs - what have you got to lose? It will probably be fine but not quite as vibrant.

EmNetta Sun 27-Apr-14 15:31:11

I use any old eggs and paint/decorate them all differently - if shells are blown, they keep for years, and I was pleased when neighbours bought me a similar one on trip to Germany/Belgium.

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