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SilverSixpence Mon 14-Apr-14 07:28:46

Where can I buy really beautiful dressmaking fabric? I have looked at most of the usual online shops and am not particularly inspired. I would like to find fabrics like the ones used by Toast eg linen, silks and printed cottons. Especially stuck on good quality fabrics for trousers. The closest I have found is The Cloth House and Joel and Sons online (v expensive!)

AwfulMaureen Mon 14-Apr-14 08:01:41

Well really beautiful does generally equal really expensive. smile You should look in discount shops which have overstock and remnants...there is a shop near me called Abahkan which have remnants of designer fabrics...but that's in Cheshire and North Wales...not sure where you are?

AwfulMaureen Mon 14-Apr-14 08:02:27

You won't find their best stock online sadly as they don't generally put the good stuff on there.

willotess Mon 14-Apr-14 08:23:24

Try my fabrics.co.uk , based in Germany but pay in sterling. Arrives really quickly and cheap too. Just bought ten lots of fabric for total of 200.00 to make fifteen articles, so really good value. Lots of linens, lovely jerseys and floral printed stretch denim. Free delivery over 50.00.

RavenRose Mon 14-Apr-14 09:29:09

Have you tried ditto fabrics?


They often have ex designer stuff and I've picked up Paul Smith suitings there before

UriGeller Mon 14-Apr-14 09:40:38

I saw someone on here link to spoonflower

Beautiful fabrics but a bit pricey. I've never seen anything quite like the choice though!

SilverSixpence Mon 14-Apr-14 09:46:36

Fabric godmother and Stone fabrics look promising!

SilverSixpence Mon 14-Apr-14 10:49:43

Uri you reminded me of a print I really like on Spoonflower, it's the Wiksten Dealtry fabric (sorry can't link on phone). Seems affordable after Joel and Sons!

Chocolateteabag Fri 18-Apr-14 03:30:18

Myfabrics.co.uk is good - big selection and they will send you swatches.
They are German and I think there must be a big sewing thing in Germany (home of Burda?)

Chocolateteabag Fri 18-Apr-14 03:31:23

Oops sorry Willotess beat me to it! Must read threads before posting sorry

BiscuitCrumb Fri 18-Apr-14 07:58:15

Have you tried Plush addict?

BorisJohnsonsHairdresser Wed 23-Apr-14 12:32:39

I tried them Biscuit, they missed bits from my order, the quality was poor and theydeleted my posts on their FB page when I brought it up with them.

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