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Incredibly fine black thread.

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Nocomet Sun 13-Apr-14 17:38:27

DD1 has ripped her black (acid etched, I suspect top) in several places taking it off.

I could suspect it's faulty, but I haven't got a receipt.

Anyhow I want to have a go at mean sing it and need some incredibly fine thread.

Nocomet Sun 13-Apr-14 17:39:31

Mending it (I wish auto correct didn't randomly split words)

tb Sat 26-Apr-14 10:55:24

Would black embroidery silk work - there are, from memory, 6 threads. If you used just 1 of them, would that be fine enough?

Nocomet Mon 28-Apr-14 21:12:21

Sadly no, I'm after something even finer than that.

Toastqueen Tue 06-May-14 22:56:46

Invisible thread might work

Gatekeeper Wed 07-May-14 14:35:45

I think I have some; it is glace cotton and spiderweb fine. It came from the skip when Norman Hartnell's salon was cleared out in the early '90's.

will let you know

Nocomet Mon 12-May-14 17:19:53

Thanks gate keeper flowers

Gatekeeper Tue 13-May-14 13:59:00

right; have located the thread is lustrous and very fine. I will wrap some round a bit of cardboard as i don't want to part with the bobbin <sentimental>. Pm me your address Nocomet and I'll bung it in the post for you

Gatekeeper Tue 13-May-14 14:06:28

have just been doing a bit of research on the thread and it dates from about 1880!

Gatekeeper Tue 20-May-14 15:57:50

do you still want it Nocomet?

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