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About to throw my crochet hook out of the window...

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PotatoPolly Sun 13-Apr-14 08:25:10

Please can someone help me?!

I'm trying to teach myself to crochet, I'd like to make a blanket of granny squares I think (although any other suggestions are welcome!)

I've managed to teach myself the chain stitch and slip stitch, and can do a treble stitch onto a long chain, but the pattern is:

Step Two: Round One
Ch 3 (counts as first tr), 2tr in ring, ch 3, (3tr in ring, ch 3) three times, join rnd with a sl st to top of first ch. Fasten off yarn. Attach next yarn to any 3-ch corner sp of rnd 1.

And I just can't get my head around it!

Pleaaaaase someone save me!


yegodsandlittlefishes Sun 13-Apr-14 08:28:13


Chain 3

yegodsandlittlefishes Sun 13-Apr-14 08:28:13


Chain 3

yegodsandlittlefishes Sun 13-Apr-14 08:30:03


It misses out that you start with a ring. (Chain about 5 and join with a slip stitch to make ring, then continue from there).

droitwichmummy Sun 13-Apr-14 08:31:31

Ok, you should already have made a ring.
start by doing a chain of 3.
Do 2 trebles by putting the wool round your hook and then going through the ring to wrap the wool round for the second time
Then do the bit in brackets 3 times.
Finally do a slip stitch in the chain you did to start the round.
Does that help?

atomicyoghurt Sun 13-Apr-14 08:32:23

Presumably the first thing you did was make a ring? Then you are going around the ring making three trebles, then chaining 3 and the doing 3 more trebles in the ring you made in the first round.

Continue on until you have 4 sets of trebles in the ring.

TheOnlyPink Sun 13-Apr-14 08:32:39

Have you tried looking at YouTube tutorials? I've recently learned to crochet by using these!

Also, while I've only made a few granny squares I've never fastened off mid square, you just keep going round. Definitely try a YouTube video, its so much easier when you can see it! Just make sure you get a UK one, I've used American ones and its different terminology!

Good luck! Its so much fun when you get the hang of it!

atomicyoghurt Sun 13-Apr-14 08:35:00

Like this:


yegodsandlittlefishes Sun 13-Apr-14 08:35:02

Then it says:

Chain 3 into ring (so put your hook into middle of the ring, over complete chain stitches, no need to fiddle around trying to find part of a particular stitch here.)
The chain 3 is the length of the first treble.
Chain 3 (this forms the corner, so you can treble lots more stitches into it at the next round. You'll need 4 chains like this for a square. grin

yegodsandlittlefishes Sun 13-Apr-14 08:36:15

Have we tied tou in knots of confusion yet, op?

atomicyoghurt Sun 13-Apr-14 08:36:22

It's not telling you to fasten off in the middle it's telling you to fasten off after the first round, then do a different colour for the next round.

atomicyoghurt Sun 13-Apr-14 08:37:04

Look at the link I posted it has pictures

Doingthedo Sun 13-Apr-14 08:39:42

watch some youtube videos, that's how I learnt!

u32ng Sun 13-Apr-14 09:10:37

3yrs ago I didn't have a clue how to crochet & I started out with a granny square & from there I've made a baby blanket for a friend, teddy bears, amigurimi animals, hats....

What definitely helped me was going to a class & having someone show me so YouTube will definitely be a help.

Also it might be easier to just stick with 1 colour granny squares for now until you get the hang of it & then do colour change ones.

Stick with it!! It's worth it! I had one pattern in particular that drove me absolutely demented as it was circular and I just couldn't get it to work without going wavy, but I just doggedly started again & again until it worked.

PotatoPolly Sun 13-Apr-14 09:47:11

Thank you so much for your help, feeling (sadly) very proud that I've managed to make even the tiniest something!
Was starting to feel a bit despondent, but now I'm inspired to keep trying! I'll try to upload a pic of my weeny square smile

MILLYmo0se Sun 13-Apr-14 09:49:38

Im very impressed PotatoPolly ! I started trying to teach myself, got as far as learning the basic stitch and then gave up !

droitwichmummy Sun 13-Apr-14 09:51:42

Well done! Keep going and you will get there.
When you get stuck YouTube is your friend (as well as MN of course!)

PookBob Sun 13-Apr-14 09:52:19

Keep going!

Definitely watch some you tube videos, it all becomes really clear. Crochet written down is no good until you are more confident.

Keep going and update with your progress smile

yegodsandlittlefishes Sun 13-Apr-14 09:56:01

Keep at it.
It looks as if you would find it easier to use a slightly bigger hook with that weight of yarn (judging by the density of the stitches) but that can also get better with more practice and being careful to feed more yarn into every stitch at key points, until it becomes automatic.

OwlCapone Sun 13-Apr-14 15:20:23

Whereabouts are you? Often there are MNers who are willing to help in person for cake

Lonecatwithkitten Sun 13-Apr-14 16:50:40

In addition to you tube videos Attic 24 blog has little tutorials with loads of pictures and wonderful descriptions.

TendMagazine Sun 13-Apr-14 16:58:08

I needed someone to actually show me crochet, and I still don't like it that much. Get a real person to help.

MiaowTheCat Sun 13-Apr-14 19:10:55

OK - make your little ring of stitches (I tend to use a chain of 4, but that's quite a small hole - 6 might be easier to start with)... join them up with a slip stitch back into the first stitch you made (hook through, grab yarn, pull through the two loops on your hook to join the hole - I think - trying to picture it in my head now).

Then chain 3 stitches - that counts as one treble. Do another two treble crochets but instead of putting the hook through the next stitch along like you'd do working out of a straight chain of crochet, always put the needle through the little loop of stitches you've made to start with. Once you've got your chain three and two more trebles, then do a chain of three stitches and then again, three trebles into the centre loop. Repeat that until you've got four sets of "spokes" coming out of the middle, linked by chain threes of stitches... finish that round off by joining the chain of three you finished on into the top of the chain three you did to start the round that's a pretendy-treble.

Next round you have to do more groups of three trebles as the square gets bigger basically - so you'll have your groups of trebles, joined by gaps where you've chain3-ed. Instead of working out of the centre hole, this time you do a group of three trebles out of a chain gap, then a chain three and on to the next chain gap (if you look at a photo of a granny square it'll make a bit more sense). Corners you do two sets of three-trebles out of a chain-gap, joined with a chain three in between them. Again, you start the round with a chain-three that pretends to be the first treble you make.

As you make squares bigger you have to do more groups of trebles, each time you go around the square is, imaginatively called a "round" in patterns, and when it says begin a round "with a chain 3 counts as first tr" it means what I've just mentioned that you do the chain 3 stitches but it pretends to be a treble stitch (if you do other types of stitches you'll find longer or smaller chains pretend to be the first one of those as well). Don't worry too much about the attach next yarn bit - that's just if you want to change colours, obviously you tend to want to do that after you've gone around a square once or twice, not in the middle of it - and you just do it and start the next round from one of the gaps where you've done a chain three in between groups of trebles.

Does that make sense or have I confused you more?!

PotatoPolly Mon 14-Apr-14 09:34:36

I knew MN would save me!
I'm in the south east smile
I've got 5 weeks now I'm on mat leave til my due date so will be doing as much as possible grin
thank you very much... off to persevere again, I'll try to update with pictures (when I get somewhere!)

TimrousBeastie Mon 14-Apr-14 09:45:44

i find moogly and attic 24 have really good guides that covers most of what you'll need. i taught myself using there patterns etc

heres mooglys video for the granny square

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