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Craft swap take two

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ThePigOfHappiness Thu 03-Apr-14 17:54:01

I know lots of us participated in the craft swap before Christmas. If anyone would be interested in doing another let me know smile
For anyone who wasn't involved last time, we set a limit of a £10 value on a craft item that you make and you send it anonymously to another mumsnetter. In return someone sends you something and we all get a little something lovely smile
Do let me know, it was great last time around

CocoBandicoot Thu 03-Apr-14 19:08:18

Ooh, yes please! (I participated in the last one but have name-changed since...)

Kveta Thu 03-Apr-14 19:44:31

I would, but didn't receive anything last time, after putting a lot of effort into my item (which my recipient did receive!). ended up a bit of a damp squib for me.

Hope this one goes well though!

ThistledownAndCobweb Thu 03-Apr-14 19:51:34

Kveta, let me send you something. I don't want or need anything in return but I'd be delighted to make something for you.

Grockle Thu 03-Apr-14 21:37:58

Depending what sort of things I might be able to do this.

ThePigOfHappiness Thu 03-Apr-14 21:58:50

Kveta there were a few who didn't recieve. I know I never heard if my swapee received theirs. I have an idea what went wrong but I'm not sure. It would have been great if everyone got theirs though.
Grockle, anything goes! Last time we had candles, jewellery,knitting, crochet, paintings, wooden items... Anything post able really.
Coco, that's great smile

focuson Thu 03-Apr-14 23:00:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

focuson Thu 03-Apr-14 23:04:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Dingle Fri 04-Apr-14 07:36:04

I never took part but am saddened to here that some crafters were let down. Do you feel it is better to know who you are both sending to and receiving from?

I did a few on here years ago, a vintage and an Easter swap, and it was great fun communication with my swapping partner, keeping each other informed of progress but keeping it so vague that it's still a surprise.

ThePigOfHappiness Fri 04-Apr-14 11:28:44

Yes I think it would be better if it was clear who was sending to who. That way there is less room for error.
It is a real shame there were some left without.

ComfyLeatherChair Fri 04-Apr-14 14:12:09

I'd like to do it. Especially with Dingle's idea of communicating with each other, as in what is your favourite colour etc.
Sounds like great fun!

ButtonMoonicorn Fri 04-Apr-14 14:30:11

I'd like to join in!

DameFanny Fri 04-Apr-14 23:54:06

This could be fun. Especially as we can put pictures up now...

CheesyBadger Sat 05-Apr-14 00:00:44

Count me in!

ThePigOfHappiness Sat 05-Apr-14 00:07:49

Oh great smile
Hopefully this time things will run smoothly. I aim for it to be as transparent as possible. I was thinking if people pm me their craft then I can match them with someone of a different craft and then post the list so we all see who's giving to who but the actual gift is anonymous? Or would people prefer to know what they're getting too?

ButtonMoonicorn Sat 05-Apr-14 09:28:28

I think the gift itself should be kept a secret. But I'm a newbie so happy to go with the majority!

Dingle Sat 05-Apr-14 09:33:44

When was you thinking of for the deadline for receiving please? I have not really crafted to any extent for ages. Although I have ventured back into my craft room, I am sorting and de-cluttering in an attempt to find my floor and work desk. It will still take some time yet! blush

Doodlekitty Sun 06-Apr-14 11:18:48

I'd love to be involved with this. I'm the slowest crafter in the world though so a patient partner would be lovely!

EustachiaVye Mon 07-Apr-14 13:33:56

Yes please - count me in!

whatdoesittake48 Tue 08-Apr-14 07:40:28

me too - despite not receiving my gift at Christmas - I am not jaded about the idea yet. I saw how appreciative my receiver was, so that made me happy.

Do we need to PM someone?

ThePigOfHappiness Tue 08-Apr-14 14:08:28

Oh so glad people are interested. smile
I think about 6 weeks is good? Then I people have loads of time to get crafting?
I will try to match people with opposite crafts so they recieve something they wouldn't make themselves?
When I have the list made you can pm who you're sending to?

BiscuitCrumb Tue 08-Apr-14 21:41:20

I'm tempted... But I'm not sure. I'm a novice sewer. An expert cross stitcher. A rubbish knitter. Is there going to a theme or is it a make anything you like that costs you £10 to make?

ThePigOfHappiness Tue 08-Apr-14 21:51:38

No theme at all biscuit just something you make that you think someone would like to recieve smile
Cross stitch would be lovely smile

Cherrypi Tue 08-Apr-14 22:17:18

Does it have to be one big thing or it can be several smaller things?

BiscuitCrumb Tue 08-Apr-14 22:19:56

Go on then... Count me in. It'll be cross stitched whatever it is. I'll have to go through all my magazines and find something that someone might enjoy having.

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