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Pricing items for craft stall and website

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Choccyjules Mon 17-Mar-14 11:37:26

Hi Everyone,

I started making jewellery when on enforced rest after serious illness, then began selling to friends before going public.

I've had a little website on groovycart (free!) for a few years, a FB page and have also done a couple of craft shows a year. I pay tax on it as otherwise I'd be too worried to advertise!

Anyway, my question. At the last two craft fairs people have said I am underpricing my goods. I think it's a confidence issue, ie I worry about charging people for something which may break (afaik nothing ever has). I add a couple of punds onto the cost of materials. I know, that's not taking my time into account but this is an overgrown hobby not my livelihood.

Would anyone mind looking at my website/FB page and commenting on pricing? Not sure I'm allowed to link here so if you have time and can help, please DM me.

Thank you for any advice.

irishgirlinlondon Mon 17-Mar-14 17:07:06

Hi There,
I make candles/bath products as a hobby and occasionally sell at markets etc. More than happy to have a look at your website and give you some feedback....what's the address?

Also give some really useful tips on pricing, it might be worth a look!

Choccyjules Thu 20-Mar-14 10:44:43

Thanks, I have PMed you.

Thank you also to Brass and Flossyfloof for offering to have a peek at my website too.

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